Beer Review 121 // Grandma's Boy with Shiro Plums (2018) by Bellwoods.

Time for a beer. Hope everyone reading has had a good December so far? For today's brew, we are enjoying a Bellwoods special. This fantastic brewery in the heart of Toronto has been producing some delicious wild and sour beers. One series of beers they produce is Grandma's Boy, a wild ale series involving the blending of ales before ageing them in Oak Foeders. The ageing process lasts for about a year and hopefully imparts notes of the oak into the beer. To make this brew extra special they added Niagra Shiro Plums.

Cracking the bottle and pouring we are greeted by a bright and lively yellow pour. This is capped by a fizzy head that dissipates leaving just a slight covering. The aroma is funky, guessing a bit of brett has snuck in. On the first sip, the face puckers up, but the tongue soon gets used to it. Once you are past this phase the plums start to shine, offering juicy fruit flavours that leave the mouth-watering.

At 5.8% this is super easy to drink and is gone too quick. If you are a fan of Jelly King I highly recommend this brew!

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