Beer Review 120 // GO-AHEAD by Leftfield Brewery

Sometimes you find a beer that you just keep going back to. Go-ahead by Left Field Brewery is such a beer. When I first purchased, I was not expecting much, as I had experienced rather a few bad raspberry beers in my time. But when I cracked open this 5.2% raspberry and hibiscus infused sour, I knew I was onto something special.

The aroma coming off the beer was actual raspberries, not chemical fake smelling raspberries, like the ones found in bad tasting lip balm. Real honest raspberries! On the first sip, you get all the flavours you would want and need. The raspberry flavour starts the show, tasting fresh and juicy, then as the flavours build, the hibiscus start to join in. The hibiscus adds notes of lemon, giving us a tartness that emboldens the raspberry flavouring. Then the final kick of salt hits the tongue, first up giving the drink a very refreshing finish, whilst also making you thirsty more.

An all-around amazing brew that is well-deserving of a spot in anyone's fridge during the summer months. If you have not yet tried one and you are from Ontario, please do the right thing and order some today.

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