Beer Review 119 // Scoop by Left Field Brewery

Not going to lie today. I am super excited about this Scoop - Tartufo Dessert Stout by Left Field Brewery. Sitting at 7.1% I am happy to see it in a stubby can, it means I don't have to share!

The pour is almost black with a subtle edging of brown and capped by a mocha head, that fades quicker than I expected (boo). The aroma is milk chocolate, some sugary cherry and a sweetness that I connect to lactose/milk sugars. The taste is mostly chocolate, with the sweet cherries hidden in the background that gain confidence as the brew warms up. Once your pallet is used to the chocolate, the roasted malts start to shine through. This beer is very smooth with a cream-like tongue covering effect.

Overall considering it is based on an Italian dessert it does well. It is a solid stout, but personally, I am not a huge fan of lactose, I found my tongue felt covered in a film that wouldn't shift about have way through drinking the glass. Interesting beer but for me a future pass.

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