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The continuing project of cleaning up the Encyclopedia page continues. This time sentences or phrases. As always these terms are taken from Black Library books, fan sites and other works of fiction. In no way official and free to be used by anyone.

"The time for using the knife to remove this cancer is long gone. Bring forth the torch" 

- Exarch Quaillindral

Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat

May the Blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination.

Da gceilfi an fhirinne, b'flieidir go neosfai breag.

If the truth were hidden, perhaps a lie would be told.

Bhi se chomh dorcha gr cheapamair go raibh an oichie tagtha.

It was so dark that we thought night had come.

Llith'amtu Khlavh

The Knife that Stays the Blade.

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