Aeldari Artifacts of Myth and Legends

"And all that is lost shall be found" - unknown Inquisitor

Artifacts of Myth

In no way a complete listing, as the race of the Aeldari is fractured and destroyed. More artifacts lay hidden in the dark places and corners of the galaxy. Do you know some? Let me know in the comments below.

Akiliamor: They consisted of a core of dark matter with a number of warheads capable of detonating with enough force to devastate entire worlds. They caused a chain reaction that would release their contents across the surface of the target planet, stripping the surface bare, causing massive electrical storms in the atmosphere, and bringing about the emergence of great volcanoes; all of which left a planet barren and uninhabitable.

Anaris: The sword Anaris is a special Eldar sword, said to have been the last (and mightiest) of the 100 swords that the Eldar God Vaul forged in his pact with Khaine in order to release Isha from Khaine's dungeon. Khaine used The Hundred swords to fight Kaelis Ra and the Yngir, but nearly lost the battle due to one of the swords being imperfect. When Khaine found out about it, he realized that Vaul had cheated him on one of the hundred swords. Vaul reforged that blade to Anaris, but Khaine fought and eventually crippled him, taking Anaris for himself. When Khaine later battled Eldanesh, Eldanesh used Anaris which was brought to him by Faolchú. Khaine defeated Eldanesh and re-claimed Anaris for himself, but when Khaine finally got shattered by Slaanesh, Anaris also got shattered into shards.

Anaris is not to be confused with the Wailing Doom, which is the weapon of the Avatar of Khaine, not Khaine himself.

Asurentesh: Know also as the Heart of Asuryan. A Phoenix Lords Vision Orb (away for the Lords to see their paths).

Asuryan's Fury: Are a type of Eldar Shuriken, that has been made famous by being wielded by the crews of Fire Prisms, that serve as part of the Sunstorm Squadrons formed in Asuryan’s name. Any enemy under-estimating an Eldar wielding a Asuryan’s Fury in battle, often becomes nothing but charred remains left to be recovered.

Asu-Var: Sword of Silent Screams. One of the Croneswords of Morai-Heg. It once resided on Biel-Tan. Absorbing its foes life essence to make the wielder stronger. Now wielded by the Visarch of the Ynnari.

Banshee's Keen: The Banshee's Keen is a deadly and feared Power Spear that has been wielded by many Exarchs of the Howling Banshee aspect.

Blade of Whispering Death: Yriel's original blade.

The Blazing Stars of Vaul: Shuriken weapons that were created by the famed Bonesinger weaponsmith Keáirde, before the Fall of the Eldar. These weapons are infused with his peerless spirit and they can fire shuriken so rapidly, that they appear to leave contrails of light in their wake. However, few of these weapons now remain and no Eldar has been able to duplicate the quality of Keáirde's work

The Breath of Ynnead: An Eldar Ranger Long Rifle and those who have witnessed this weapon's results reported hearing no more than the sound of a gentle sigh and a rustle of leaves before a comrade fell lifeless.

Burnished Blade of Eliarna: A Craftworld Biel-Tan sword that is wielded by its greatest warriors and is composed of some unknown metal that makes it gleam like a star. According to the Eldar's legends, the Blade was forged at the request of the hero Eliarna, so that she could combat the Ork menace that beset many of the Eldar Empire's kingdoms at that time. This legend appears to be true, as when the Burnished Blade of Eliarna is in the presence of Orks, it begins to hum with power and seems to still thirst for their blood.

Celestial Lance: This crystal lance was once used by Drastanta, a tempest of starlight and Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears. In the centuries since the Phoenix Lord's final recorded battle, the Celestial Lance has passed from shrine to shrine and Craftworld to Craftworld

Chaoseater: A Witchblade and a relic of the legendary lost Craftworld of Ctho. Feared by the servants of Chaos, its angry spirit is said to thirst for their blood and seeks revenge against the Ruinous Powers for the Fall of the Eldar. The Chaoseater is capable of dealing devastating damage to Chaos Space Marines and has the chance to send any Daemons struck by it, screaming back to the Warp.

Corag Hai's Locket: The ancient Priestess who died at Ynnead's emissaries birth.

Crown of Woe: Believed to have been forged from a piece of Khaine, an aura of dread surrounds the wearer.

Cup of Criel: Khaine caught the blood Eldanesh in seven cups. Now lost to the galaxy (maybe)

Darith' Reaper: A blade rumoured to carve through any armour.

Deathsword: A sword that actually fed on the soul of its victims and its wielder drunk on their tainted life essence. As such, the Eldar viewed it with revulsion and that any wielder had lost their purity by making use of it. Those that wielded it held it as if they were holding a venomous serpent with some arguing that it should never have been made.

Debilitating Witchblade: An ancient Witchblade used by Farseers, that saps the strength and eventually the life essence of its target.

Doom of Sorbak: An Eldar Ranger Long Rifle, that has been instrumental in winning countless battles since its creation, decades after the Fall of the Eldar. Created by the Bonesingers of the Craftworld Iyanden, it has served numerous Outcasts from that Craftworld; the first being the Ranger Eladen Longstrider. In his hands the Doom of Sorbak killed the Dark Apostle Sor Bakphal during the Horus Heresy, allowing the Imperium to take back the planet Lakaph from the Word Bearers. After Longstrider's death the Doom of Sorbak was passed down to Outcast after Outcast down the centuries, striking down the enemies of the Eldar. Most recently a Ranger wielding the Doom of Sorbak, dealt a harsh blow to Warboss Grak Bigtoof's Waaagh! killing the Warbosses's pet Weirdboy; and closing the Warp portal the Weirdboy was opening, that nearly destroyed the Craftworld Ilmaren.

Doombringer: A type of Singing Spear that improves a Farseer's abilities.

Eye of Ak-Aelron: A magnificently crafted Eldar Fusion Gun that was the favourite personal sidearm of the legendary Autarch Ak-Aelron. It is said that Ak-Aelron was so skilled with this weapon that he never had to look at a target to hit it

Fireheart: World destroying device owned by the Drukari but needs psykers to power.

Fist of a Hundred Blades: Long scythe-like blades, that can be attached to the armour that covers an Eldar’s forearm. A boon to any Eldar that prefers a bloody fight in close quarters, the blades extend a warrior’s reach and effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat. These lethal blades are even more deadly when wielded by the skilled Striking Scorpions.

Fuchain Falchior: An Eldar Witchblade, that once born by the venerated Farseer Eon Kull, of the Dolthe Craftworld, and twitches with anticipation of battle when enemies are near.

Gauntlets of Isha: Named for the Eldar harvest goddess and channel psychic energies, which allow the Farseer wearing them to quickly recover their psychic power and health

Gem of Thuasytha: Sapphire gem, communication device.

Guardian Helm of Xellethon: Amplifies the presence of the wearer's soul, enlivening Ghost warriors.

Hungering Blade: Seeks Aeldari to feast upon.

Kha-vir: The sword of Yvraine, turns its victims into ash.

Kiss of Alaitoc: An Eldar Ranger Long Rifle that is said to have belonged to Solcar, one of the most gifted Pathfinders of Craftworld Alaitoc. The rifle still retains some psychic memory of the Ranger, and those who have fired the weapon swear it never misses its mark.

Kurnous' Bow: This Shuriken Pistol was made in honour of the ancient bow supposedly used by the mythical Kurnous when he hunted prey across the stars. When loosed from his bow, these slaying missiles would seek out the weakness in their targets, finding gaps in defences to reach the soft flesh beneath. In the same way, the psycho-sympathetic ammunition of this shuriken pistol reacts to the vulnerabilities of the foe, turning a shot that should have wounded into a killing blow.

The Laughing Stave: A weapon used by Farseers. The psychic energy that rolls from this staff is tainted by a will foreign to its wielder, which bounces and rattles its foes with every blast.

Lost Shroud: This cloak was woven from the silken threads of an ectoplasmic by-product that wisped from Craftworld Biel-Tan’s ravaged Infinity Circuit after the great daemonic intrusion that took it to the brink of catastrophe. The seers of the Eldar consider it dangerous in the extreme, for it may still harbour a link to the daemonic – one brave enough to don the cloak will soon find their companions giving them a wide berth indeed. It may just be worth it, however, for, within its shimmering weave, the deathless blessing of Ynnead is exceedingly powerful.

Maugetar: A massive weapon wielded by the Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra.

Maugan Ra found, in his studies of warfare, that a weapon can be used as carefully as a scalpel, be it a blade or a ranged weapon. As such he created Maugetar (literally, "Harvester"), an ancient Shrieker Cannon with a built-in Executioner. The Maugetar fires "shrieker" discs of unusual ties towards its foes. Maugan Ra undertook a great quest on a Crone World to construct the weapon, battling a Keeper of Secrets, sacrificing an Exarch, and battling through hordes of Slaaneshi Daemons to gather the necessary materials for the weapon. He then constructed it with the aid of the Bonesinger Kaeleth-Tul before crippling him so he could never make another.

The Moon Sabre of Thilienn: An ancient power sword handed down from generation to generation in Yrrthilien Mournsong's family. It was one of the few things Mournsong saved after his Craftworld Muirgaythh was destroyed by the forces of Slaanesh. The blade of the sabre is long and curved, not unlike a scimitar. This additional weight and length makes it nigh on impossible to use on foot but makes it a highly effective weapon when riding a jetbike. The faster the jetbike travels, the more potent the Sabre becomes. As the jetbike gains momentum so does the Sabre, until the jetbike reaches its top speed and the Sabre is seen only as a streak of electric blue light.

Mirrorgaze: Made from the broken shards of Crystal Mirror.

Moonstone of the Hidden Ways: A guiding device for Webway travel.

Novalance of Saim-Hann: Appears like any other Laser Lance, yet upon impact, the release of pent-up energy burns brighter than a sun. A single blow from this fabled weapon has shattered battle tanks and toppled Dreadnoughts. However, to earn the right to bear the Novalance, a warrior of Craftworld Saim-Hann must win the Clan challenge known as Tionchar.

Orbs of Despair: Can reduce a man to a gibbering wreck.

Pistol of the Doomseer: A Shuriken Pistol, that includes stones and runes which allow a Farseer to fire a roiling blast of psychic energy damaging enemies in a wide area.

Pistol of the Skyseer: A Shuriken Pistol, that includes stones and runes which allow a Farseer to lift enemies around them into the air; incapacitating their foes before throwing them to the ground.

Pistol of the Warseer: A Shuriken Pistol, that includes stones and runes which increase a Farseer's strength reflexes and speed.

Rose of Isha: Opens a portal to the realm of Chaos.

Seed of Rebirth: Should the bearer ever fall, the seed's energy will bring them back to life.

Song of Ynnead: The whispering hiss of the monomolecular discs that shoot from this Shuriken Pistol rises to a deafening roar of triumph when it claims a life. Those nearby are assailed by terrible hallucinations, as vengeful spirits clamour within their minds with their grave-cold claws clutching and raking at their sanity.

Soulshrive: An Eldar relic-sword. At the heart of the sword lies an ancient Spirit Stone which holds the essence of a malevolent soul. Only a warrior of the strongest will can wield the weapon, for the spirit within feasts on pain and spurs its wielder on to acts of violence. The sword has an infamous reputation of driving its wielders mad through bombarding them with tormenting whispers, causing them to kill friends and family in a fit to end the voices. Despite its danger, it is still used by the Eldar of Iyanden out of the desperation of their current situation

Soulsnare:  Eldar artifact. This large, rune-inscribed orb is filled with the psychic gossamer of Ynnead’s all-constraining net. When hurled at the ground, it bursts open in a cloud of glittering thread. Much as the monofilament wire of a Warp Spider Aspect Warrior’sdeathspinner slices effortlessly through armour, flesh and bone, the shining filaments of the soulsnare cut through the animating spirit. Those standing nearby collapse in crumpled heaps, their bodies no more than lifeless clay as their spirits howl in anguish. Truly it is said that to stand in the path of the Ynnari is to risk an eternity of pain

Spear of Khaine: An ancient artifact located on the world of Acheron. Described as a relic of catastrophic power, the spear was the central focus of the struggle between Gorgutz, Gabriel Angelos, and Macha and their respective forces during the campaign on Acheron. However, it was eventually revealed that the prophecy regarding the Spear was a trap to free a Bloodthirster, unleashing a Daemonic tide on the planet after the relic was claimed by the Autarch Kyre. Ultimately the three forces on Acheron were forced to unite to defeat the Daemon, destroying Acheron in the process. After the battle, the Spear was claimed by Gorgutz.

Spear of Malan'tai: An Eldar force spear that contains within it the few surviving spirits of the doomed Craftworld Malan'tai; they sing for vengeance against the Tyranids.

Spear of Shadows: A Singing Spear of the Eldar Farseer Kalrimon, who was killed by the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Ahriman. After Kalrimon's death, Ahriman claimed the Spear of Shadows and later desecrated it to create his Force Weapon, The Black Staff of Ahriman.

Spear of Teuthlas: The weapon of the famed Spiritseer Adrallanar of the House of Teuthlas, its very origins are shrouded in mystery and were already a relic of the house. When the House of Teuthlas was consumed by Hive Fleet Kraken, the Spear of Teuthlas has since been carried by Iyanna Arienal. The weapon has since become synonymous with the famed Spiritseer.

The Spear of Twilight: The Spear of Twilight is an ancient Eldar weapon. Previously locked in stasis by the Farseers of Craftworld Iyanden, the weapon is of such awesome power that it eventually burns out the life-force and immortal soul of any who wields it. The weapon is currently wielded by Prince Yriel, who claimed the weapon during Iyanden's hour of need against the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken. He was convinced to take up the weapon by the Harlequin Shadowseer Sylandri Veilwalker of the Masque of the Veiled Path. Of such power is the Spear of Twilight that it was able to slay a mighty Hive Tyrant in a single blow.

During the closing days of the 41st Millennium, it was revealed by Yvraine that the Spear of Twilight was in fact one of the Crone Swords. Yvraine reverted the Spear to its true bladed form and used it to resurrect Yriel after he had fallen against Nurgle Daemons.

The staff of Isha: An Eldar Wraithbone staff that is studded with several powerful spirit stones known as the Tears of Isha.

The staff of Kelmon: An Eldar force staff that once belonged to the Farseer Kelmon Firesight before he died defending his home, the Craftworld Iyanden, against an invasion by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken.

The staff of Ulthamar: is a priceless force staff carried by Farseer Eldrad Ulthran. It is made of purest Wraithbone and holds the spirit stones of the first Seer Council of Ulthwé. The staff forms a hyper-spatial link to the Infinity Circuit of the Craftworld, giving Eldrad an enormous supply of psychic energy to channel with his unsurpassed psychic ability. In addition to its psychic might, the Staff of Ulthamar was also an incredibly formidable close combat weapon, capable of carving through even Abaddon the Despoiler's ancient terminator armour during their titanic clash upon Andante IV.

Storm of Blades: An Eldar Shuriken Catapult, which is said to have been crafted by Tethesis, brother of the first Phoenix Lord Asurmen. The weapon unleashes an endless torrent of shuriken, but in spite of this its ammunition core mysteriously never seems to vanish.

Storm of Silence: An Eldar glaive-like weapon that can slice through even the thickest adamantine armour with ease. It was named after Jain Zar, the Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees and is said to contain some vestige of the lingering spirit of Morai-Heg, the Eldar Crone Goddess.

The Sword of Asur: An Eldar Diresword wielded by Asurmen. A massive power blade of ancient origin imbued with psychic power, it can be wielded in one or both hands, permitting its user the option of fighting with two weapons or inflicting a single devastating attack. The sword contains the spirit of Asurmen's brother Tethesis.

Sword of Dawnlight: An Eldar weapon that legend holds was one of those swords forged by Vaul. before the Fall of the Eldar. It was wielded by the Smith God and his mortal champion Eldanesh in their duels with Khaine. Whether this is the actual Anaris or not, it is undoubtedly a blade of unparalleled quality.

Sword of Vaul: Refers to one-hundred mythical blades forged by Vaul, the Eldar smith-god, in his desperate bid to free Isha and Kurnous from the fiery torments of Khaine. Agreeing to deliver the blades one year hence, when the time came for Vaul to hand over the weapons he still had one unfinished blade. To conceal the shortfall, he took an ordinary mortal blade and mixed it among his own works. Succeeding in freeing Isha and Kurnous, only when they had escaped did Khaine realize the deception. Roaring with anger, he began a long struggle with Vaul that eventually culminated in the War in Heaven.

Sword of Wrath: This is a powerful weapon rumoured to be one of the swords forged by the Eldar God Vaul. Thunder rolls forth from this blade, while lightning dances along its edge. It is a hurricane barely containable by a mortal fist. Enemies are often paralyzed with fear at the mere sight of this awesome weapon, and few can stand the force of its blade. The Sword of Wrath is a blade of righteous fury; its destiny is to rend the enemies of the Eldar. It was last wielded by an Exarch of the Dire Avengers in ages past on a forgotten Crone World but was later discovered by Craftworld Iyanden on the Maiden World of Davinuus.

The Uldanorethi Long Rifle: Uldanoreth was an outcast whose wanderlust drove him to tread the stars, and he survived a thousand worlds with only his wits. For his most promising students, he forged an exquisite series of Ranger Long Rifles, and a handful of these weapons have survived to this day.

Uliowye: ("The Kiss of Sharp Stars") was an ancient Shrieker Cannon and the personal weapon of the venerable warlock Eon Kull. Just before commencing the battle on Monthax, Kull gifted the weapon to his chief bodyguard, Muon Nol. Knowing that he would be occupied with trying to seal the Webway Gate on the planet, he declared that "she" would not take kindly to remaining silent during the coming battle.

Ulthran's Pistol: A Twin Shuriken Pistol that often lands killing shots. It was originally created for Farseer Eldrad Ulthran on Craftworld Ulthwé, but was used by Farseer Caerys when she led the Craftworld's forces in the Kaurava Conflict.

Wailing Doom: Or Suin Daellae is a weapon carried only by the Eldar Avatar. It is a massive weapon capable of manifesting in several different forms; a spear, axe, and sword. It is easily capable of slicing through thick armour, whether it is a lowly flak jacket or the thickest tank armour and it can also fire a searing blast of burning psychic energy at short ranges, making it a justly feared weapon. The blade is not a mortal weapon and so is effective against daemons. It earns its name from the wailing sound it makes as it strikes a target.

Web of Skulls: An ancient Eldar weapon, which consists of three crystal skulls linked together by lengths of chain. The weapon is grasped by the chain links and cast like a spinning bolas, returning automatically to its user. The Web of Skulls can also be used in hand to hand combat like a flail.

Wyrmfang Spears: An ancient Eldar specialized weapons, that were once widely adopted by Jetbike riders. The Spears are typically passed down from generation to generation, but the weapons (and their artisan creators) have become increasingly rare.

Vilith-zhar:  The Sword of Souls — The largest and most powerful blade. A shapeshifting blade forged in burning souls. Recovered on Belial IV and now wielded by Yncarne.

The Wraithforge Stone: Allows for Wraithbone to heal faster even in battle.

And with that our story is complete. As always drop me a comment and remember to follow my adventures.

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