2020 the Highlights

Well, it's easy to think of all the bad things that 2020 brought us and be stuck in those dark thoughts. For many of us, 2020 has been a chaotic, eye-opening and generally scary year. I like many, have taken stock of what I appreciate and enjoy, and how everyone should be welcome and included. This blog is one such space that as I build I hope others can enjoy and openly talk about their passions. There is a lot of work to be done, but it has begun.

This post is a review of my year and my hopes for next year. I hope you will read to the end and leave a comment. If not no worries and thank you for stopping by.


2020 saw me paint the most figures I have painted in a long while. Though the number was still lower than I wanted I am proud of what I achieved. I really enjoyed painting my Warlord Games figures this year, but my favourite posts have to be the Genestealer cult paint guides for the Blessed Wormlings. This is a force I plan on revisiting in 2021, along with continuing my Warlord Games adventured.

Paint Guide to the Blessed Wormlings Part One

Paint Guide to the Blessed Wormlings Part Two


2020 saw me review 47 beers. My standout beer for 2020 has to be Agamemnon by Omnipollo, which was basically a melted desert with alcohol, big, boozy, delicious and amazing beer. I will be continuing my beer adventures into 2021, but one thing I will be changing up is the amount I drink weekly. I will be cutting back, only enjoying a drink on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I will also resist the urge to buy every new beer I see and attempt to empty the fridge before buying more. No more than 10 beers in the fridge at one time. Wish me luck.


I had a solid reading year. 45 books read and reviewed on this blog. My goal for 2021 is one a week, read and reviewed. Not going to be an easy task, but I like the challenge :) The top spot book of 2020 has to be: The House of Night and Chain by David Annandale. A Black Library novel (no surprise there), set in their newly forming horror arc. This story absorbed me, even to the point that I bought the audiobook to enjoy on my walks to work.

The House of Night and Chain - David Annandale


I had a great comic reading year, with 51 titles being read and reviewed. Highlights include completing the Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future series, the Aliens: Omnibus and starting the Marneus series. With a massive array of titles, it is hard to choose one to stand above the rest. But for me, I have to go with Red Razors. Psycho ex-gangster turned Soviet Judge, who also takes on Judge Dredd! Sign me up. Read my review here: Red Razors. What does 2021 mean for my comic reading? Firstly I wish to continue the Judge Dredd volumes, with some Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and Predator thrown in. It's going to be a big year, I also want to get back into the Judge Dredd Magazines, so expect more of them as well.

To finish up I thought I would share the most popular post and page for 2020 and some affiliate links (click and buy something and I get a cheeky kickback). I hope you have enjoyed reading? If you have, why not drop me a comment and give me a follow.

My most popular post of the year was Aeldari Names. Caught me by surprise with this and I will have to see how or what I did to make it popular? Maybe you all just like made-up names?

My most popular page happens to be no surprise at all, it is the Aeldari Encyclopedia. Started way back in 2017 this page has grown and grown and I am excited to see what new adventures it will inspire in 2021. One such project will be the Craftworlds, which I will officially announce in January, so check back in.

And with that, the highlight reel of 2020 is over. 2021 promises much and I hope I can rise to the occasion, interested in me reviewing or blogging about a certain topic in particular? Then tell me by dropping a comment below. Thanks for reading and continuing to support the blog.

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Miniatures: Genestealer Neophytes.

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  1. Great selection of choices. The beer sounds really interesting.


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