The Blessed Wormlings - A guide to painting - Part Two

A week ago, I posted on here about painting the Blessed Wormlings. If you missed part one, click here. Now, if you have seen part one already, amazing. I ask you to take a moment to hit subscribe and stay up to date with my progress. With all the intros complete, let's get into the grime and head into part two.

Painting Guide: Genestealer Cult - The Blessed Wormlings.

Last week we finished on stage five - Shading. Seems a legit place to restart.

As I mentioned, this would be a great spot to stop and have a great tabletop ready miniature. Due to the fact, I am doing a very, slow growth force, I decided I would add a few extra steps and get a couple more details in place.

Stage 6 - Metallics.

Personally, I hate using metallics, they never look the way I want. At the same time, I am not about to start attempting Non-metallic painting, as I currently lack the skill set for that type of painting. Using Leadbelcher, I hit up a few obvious parts to give them a nice metal finish. Parts like the gun and some little gubbins, nothing too crazy. It's worth noting that it may not be exciting, but it was needed to complete a finished looking model.

Stage 7 - Shading (Part Two).

These second-stage steps are so quick and easy. I love it! Grabbing a pot of Casandora Yellow, I hit the lamp on the pack to give it a touch of shading.

Stage 8 - Highlighting - Gun and Suit.

Due to having darkened the model down, it was time to go back and pick out some highlights. Grabbing the Mephiston Red paint, I proceeded to edge highlight the gun casing. After this step, I got the Waaagh! green and I touched up the mining suit and boots. During this stage, I found myself getting pretty excited about the model, it is looking close to my sample image, and I can imagine the force as a whole and how they will finally all look together.

Stage 9 - Flesh and Glasses.

One thing I noticed, as I looked over the model, was how tanned the figure looks. This did not seem right for a worker, who lives in a graveyard world, eating bugs. I had to fix this, knocking the shade into a paler, more sickly tone. I achieved this by using a straight-up dry brushing of Flayed one flesh, making sure to leave the recesses shaded to produce a strong shadow on the model.

The glasses were a simple add on stage. Using Flayed Flesh paint that I had left on the brush, I mixed in some Ultramarine blue paint to make a light blue, using this, I picked out the top third of the glasses working down.

Stage 10 - Mining Suit, final Highlight.

At this stage, I was feeling pretty happy with the result but felt another highlight should be added to the suit to help it pop. I used Zandri Dust to achieve this, when I first started off I was worried I made a huge mistake, but I stuck with it, ending up with a look I am quite proud of.

Stage 11 - Base.

Then, the final stage was upon us. The base ultimately will help tie the models together, so is a pretty important stage. To get the brown just right, I had to layer with about three coats to get the solid brown I wanted. Then, I set about dry brushing the cork aspects with Zandri Dust, this helps to pick out the texture and then finally, it was all given a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade to blend it together.

With that, I put the model to the side and called it complete. I would say this is not going to win any prizes, it is definitely painted beyond the standard tabletop level. Ultimately, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial? If you have hit subscribe and drop me a comment below. Cheers for stopping by.

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