The Blessed Wormlings - A guide to painting - Part One

Welcome back to the fold of the Star Emperor brothers and sisters! This week our meet up will be all about how to paint your line troops. As we are now aware I have chosen to create a force of The Blessed Wormlings, so I managed to practice the scheme and created a setup I like. Now in the past, I have just dived into painting and ultimately never match my results as I forget setups. But no more! This time I decided I would take pictures to help remind me.

Here are the results of those images:

Painting Guide to Genestealer Cult The Blessed Wormlings

Painting Guide to Genestealer Cult The Blessed Wormlings

After sharing these on Instagram and seeing how popular it was, I realized I would be remiss if I didn't do the same on here. So here is the step by step process. I hope you enjoy and if you do please become a subscriber to help support my blog (link in the top corner of the blog). This will be split into two parts based on the nine images in each photo. We are starting on the left image and going from there.

Stage 1 - Uniform

Stage One is simple. Starting with Waagh! Flesh, paint any aspect of the suit that is not cloth. Boots, mask, shoulders and chest plates. Then with Uniform Grey highlight the cloth aspects of the tunic, shelves and trousers.

Stage 2 - Flesh

Flesh - now the model I have started with is pretty humanoid in aspect. The slight bulbous head and of course the claw, but with for this run-through, I am treating him as more on the human scale than genestealer. For other models, I might add in a purple wash or two to add the otherworldly aspect to them. Step one of this stage was blocking out the flesh areas with Zandri Dust before highlighting with some Flayed one flesh. I was after a lighter done as I wished to showcase the poor diet and graveyard nature of their homeworld.

Stage 3 - Gun and Leather

Simple stages, up firsts the contrasting red on the gun body, followed by a healthy wash of Guilliman Flesh across the model to add some dirt. Quick simple and effective.

Stage 4 - Goggles, Lamp and Chitin Armour

This section isn't too hard but helps the model pop a little bit. The Ultramarine blue is used purely on the googles, whilst the Flash Git yellow is out there for the lamp. I then use Contrast Magos Purple for the Chitin armour plates. This was a super quick stage which is wonderful.

Stage 5 - Shading

For this stage, I grabbed the Contrast Black Templar, slightly watered it down and made almost a wash and started picking out areas of ribbing, piping and recesses that I wanted to have showcased a darker shadowed area. I recommend really thinking about this and what areas to hit as it will be harder to fix any mistakes.

And with that stage finished Part, One is complete. At this junction, I would also state it is perfect for tabletop paint standard. You have more than three colours and some nice focal points. Considering this is a standard line troop you can call it to quit, but personally, I want to hit it with a few highlights before calling done, so that is what part two will be all about.

I hope you enjoyed it and it would be great if you followed me on one of the platforms to show support (I will leave some links). Also, remember to hi in the comments and leave some feedback. See you next Monday for part two.

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