Ottawa Food // Mike Holland - The Shining Cake vs Beetlejuice.

An all-new section for the blog; Food! Every now and again when I have something truly special I will show it off here.

Well, to start things off I will be showcasing some cakes, with it being Halloween recently the local cake master Mike Holland out of the Morning Owl kitchen here in Ottawa created two masterpieces for his Friday special.

The first was The Shining.

Chocolate Cake, chocolate milk icing, redrum pastry cream, peanut/Oreo/saltine toffee crumble, an axe and bleeding red ganache.

The second was Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice - Purple Vanilla Cake, Black and White Vanilla Icing, Juice Pastry Cream, Streusel, Tombstone Shortbread and Green Ganache.

For me, the winning cake was Beetlejuice. Light and easy eating, vanilla throughout with what I think is a lime citrus hit from the Juice pastry cream? Was delicious and definitely my preferred cake out of the two.

Let me know what you think, enjoy seeing some of the fun food I eat or would you rather I showcased something else? Better yet suggest somewhere in Ottawa to eat and I will see if I like the menu. As always hit subscribe up top and thank you for reading.

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