Ottawa Food // Mike Holland - 50 Shades of Brown and C is for Cookie

This week's cakes are a real treat. Still made by the talented Mike Holland, located in Ottawa. As always some new cakes are released every week and this week's two cakes look like a real treat. Up first we have 50 Shades of Brown.

A base of chocolate cake with chocolate icing, chocolate milk pastry cream, chocolate streusel and a mini milk chocolate ganache tart. I can only describe it as a Death by Chocolate scenerio.

Following this cake comes the intentsly blue cake, C is for Cookie. A blue coloured vanilla cake base, with a chocolate chip icing, cookie pastry cream, mini chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough. This cake is so intense looking it is amazing.

Which cake do you think you would prefer? Let me know in the comment in the comments below, I would love to read some feedback.

For me the C is for Cookie won out. The intense colour, a mixture of flavours and overall ease of eating made this one the standout winner. The 50 Shades of Brown though amazing was a lot of chocolate and after a while you can't help but feel heavy.

We will have more cakes soon, so until then enjoy your cake and eat it!

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