Miniature Monday // Building Gantries - Part One the basic

Welcome to a building workshop. I am attempting to build a 4' by 4' table for as cheap as possible. 

As I continue my futuristic gaming board build for Killteam/Necromunda/Judge Dredd/Strontium/Infinity games, I realized I was lacking gantries and walkways. Gantries are the classic futuristic scenery, made famous in any action film that has a factory or warehouse scene. They are great terrain features as they help create height, additional access routes and deadly falls if you mess up.

For a while now I had been searching for the option of making my own. Inspiration struck whilst I was in a dollar store and discovered a $4 train/car road set made out of brightly coloured plastics.

As you can see, it is a cheap piece of tat, that if actually bought for a child would be broken within days or might not even start. It comes with a lot of different length pieces and even a bridge, not bad for $4. I then visited the gardening aisle and grabbed some cheap plastic mesh to act as the wire grates you normally find on these walkways.

As soon as I was home I tipped out the pieces to see what I had. In total, we have two purple pieces that act as risers, five-light blue straight sections, six green corner piece, two orange short pieces, some blue bridge pieces, yellow risers, red signage which some is pretty usable and then some random crap that will end up in the bin. Combining that with the mesh and some hot glue and I've spent somewhere around $10 tops for all this and the mesh will last at least ten boxes worth of tracks if I wanted (I'm sure I will buy more).

With a plan in mind, I started cutting and gluing the first piece. Starting small I went with one of the orange sections and cut mesh to cover the base, then dabbing hot glue along the plastic I went about sticking the mesh down. Moments later I had a finished piece. To be honest it goes together pretty darn quick, which is great news for me as I hate hard projects. Better yet it looks pretty sweet. I will do a Youtube video of the rest of the pieces and then do a blog post about painting them so watch this space!

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The material used but from Amazon (yes I will get a commission, which would be great).

Mesh: Amazon - Gutter Mesh

Toy track: Dollar Store - Can't find a link.

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Youtube: Adventures with Peps

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