Comic Review 111 // Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar Issue 2

It's been two weeks since issue 1 of Marneus Calgar (Check this link) and I am actually excited to see what issue two gives us. Straight away the cover is so much more exciting than the original one, showcasing Marneus front and centre carving his way through some filthy traitors. It even has a cherub!

Genres: Sci-Fi

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Jacen Burrows

Publication date: November 2020 (Not sure of the official date).

Unsurprisingly issue one set up the story nicely for us. We are in the Ultmar system on a world called Nova Thulium. The actual birthplace of Marneus, now under siege by Black Legions following the opening of the warp storms. Whilst set in the present timeline we are also treated to some pre-space marine flashbacks as Marneus relives his childhood memories. The last issue finished with Marneus's troops slaughtering their foes on the planet, whilst in flashbacks younger Marneus was starting his training to be able to become a marine and with his friends was left facing off against an Ambull!

Okay, first issue NO Ambull! WTF Marvel, you just breeze past such a cool thing, shame on you. On a more positive note, we do get to visit the Calgar Estates as Marneus travels home to fortify the estate to aid in the battle against the Black Legion. It is like an over top roman castle, fall of statues of the Chapter Master and other family members who have gone on to become space marines. The main focus of this issue is the flashbacks and I warn you now MASSIVE SPOILER!

Still, reading? Spoiler incoming...

The training is brutal and we start to witness the once-friendly group split in two. Severan and Kato, gain strength and aggression not matched by Marneus and Tacitan, and Crixus continues to push Marneus and Tacitan hard. One night Marneus and Tacitan discover the boys gone and realize they have travelled into the forbidden caves. Following their tracks, the young boys discover a terrible secret. Crixus is, in fact, a follower of the Blood God and discovered a shrine in the caves, where he sends young recruits to spill blood. Soon the battle is joined and the two lads give a good account of themselves against the other boys, that is until Crixus stabs Marnues through the back and into his heart. Tacitan fearing for his friend grabs Marneus and the pair plunge into a chasm. Fall into an underground lake Tactin watches Marneus die!

Yep, Marneus is dead. Tacitan decides to honour his friend by taking on his name and seeking vengeance. Here ends the flashback. The story ends in the current timeline with the now Marneus staring at the statue of his dead friend.

What a great plot twist! I wasn't expecting to discover. Personally, I loved it, but there are definitely going to be some fanboy rages on the internet so watch out!

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