Comic Review 110 // Leviathan by 2000 AD

Stepping into a new one book adventure called Leviathan by my favourites 2000 AD. Now a few things I enjoy straight up with this, 1 - Digital getting to read it on my pixelbook is always a joy, being able to zoom in and get into the artwork is pure joy. 2 - The artwork of D'Israeli, his black and white work is so full of detail and eye-catching I just get lost in it and it really brings extra details to the stories. Purchasing this and waiting for the download I could feel the excitement growing. Here are the comic stats.

Written by Ian Edginton who has worked on a few great comics with D'Israeli before like Stickleback, the artist is obviously D'Israeli, who we know is amazing and finally the Letters by Tom Frame.

Here is the official write up.

All Alone On Infernal Seas!

In 1928 the largest cruise liner the world has ever seen is launched. With a crew and passenger complement totalling nearly 30,000 people the Leviathan is bound for New York. However, it never reaches the Big Apple and simply... disappears!

Twenty years later - with the Leviathan stranded on an unearthly sea - Detective Sergeant Lament begins to investigate the mystery at the liner’s heart. What he discovers will change his world forever - but it might just bring the Leviathan home…

From the creators of Scarlet Traces and The Great Game comes a unique story that will continue to haunt the reader long after the last page has been turned!

Stories include:
  • Leviathan
  • Chosen Son
  • McLean's Last Case
  • Beyond the Blue Horizon

So let me get reading and swiping and get some thoughts down here on the blog.

Wow-what a book. This is going to be a hard review without giving away far too many spoilers. Let's start with the location - Leviathan. Built as the world's largest vessel it is basically a fully formed city in the shape of a boat. Think about that for a minute a whole city on a boat! 30,000 souls stuck on a boat lost at sea, there is even a zoo onboard which turns out to be a main source of food following the disappearance of the boat. That's right this giant ass boat disappears on its 1928 maiden trip and has so far been lost for twenty years.

During this period of time, the ship has become a pyramid scheme system. At the top are the aristocrats and the higher up crew, living in First Class and reaping the awards of those beneath them. Then you slowly work through the classes and ship crew until you reach the engine room area. This is where things go a bit weird, no one has had contact with the engine crew in nineteen years, but yet the engine is still running!

Now if that weird setup wasn't bad enough? It would now seem there is a weird mystery unravelling within the first-class quarters of the boat. Following a string of murders the upper-class requests the services of Lament, an ex-detective Sergeant from the Second class area to discover the killer.

And with that, we are on page two! Wow, from here on in we are surrounded by spoilers so I won't go too in-depth but expect a Cthulhu style mystery full of great twists and turns. Overall an amazing local to set the story and then proved popular enough to set off four other stories. The first is about how the engine room crew end up the way they are (I want to talk about this but spoilers!), the second is how alcohol is made onboard, a crazy over the top story - now is it actually myth or truth? This was a great story. We then have one about an amazing lady who attempts to fly ahead and search for land, this is a sad tale and shows how no one can expect to escape. The third and final tale is three images of the captain's log, highlighting the ship's plight and the lead up to the main story. I would have loved this as the opening tale to set up the main story but that is just me knit-picking.

Overall I loved diving into this new world, but I really enjoyed it all being wrapped up in one book. Very refreshing and has readied me to dive back into Judge Dredd.

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