Book Review 108 // Redemption by Darius Hinks

I'm still riding that Necromunda short story wave, and this time we reach Redemption by Darius Hinks. Now from the title alone, it is easy to think this has to be a House Cawdor or Redemptionist tale. Well, you would be...wrong. Though Cawdor is mentioned we actually follow the exploits of two gun for hires. Atys and Seva, described as ex-Escher this pair are now guns for hire. Seva is in fact a badly mauled only survivor of her gang who suffers from a terrible head injury that leaves her at times completely dumbfounded. Atys on the other is a caring, trouble maker who from an early start preferred the solo life. Together they live in an area known as the Assow Roadpipe, which has seemingly seen some rough times. Having become the centre of a zombie plague outbreak, with a weakened defence the settlement has now been taken over by an aggressive bunch of Cawdor brethren who are purging any and all victims of the plague (including some people who aren't).

It is in this backdrop that our duo is tasked with delivering a shady doctor and his mysterious canister to a shuttle landing pad nearby, for an off-worlder to collect him. The only issue is the canister contains a sample of the plague in stasis, and if discovered by the Cawdors they would all be killed.

The story does a good job of making the Underhive feel like a real place, the bond between Atys and Seva is wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time and the ending of the tale is extremely satisfying. If you enjoy a short story of twists and turns then you may well enjoy this.

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