Book Review 107 // Dirty Dealings by Rachel Harrison

I'm enjoying these shorter Necromunda themed stories at the moment. I nice to just tip the toes into a theme I enjoy without having to commit to a full-blown 300 plus page novel (looking at the next few Horus Hersey novels).

This time I am reading Dirty Dealings by Rachel Harrison, a 21-page tale of shady dealings in the Underhive. Before I give my feedback here is the official blurb:

A Necromunda story

Weapons dealing is an infamously dangerous business – and Kora Zekk knows that. When she and her comrades deliver a crate of guns to a House Orlock stronghold, she expects to be betrayed and prepares accordingly. So she's far from surprised when it all goes wrong and the Enforcers crackdown on them. Even then, it will take her ingenuity, skill and will to survive to get out of the situation intact…

My Review

Written like a pulp crime novel, we spend the tale enjoying it from the viewpoint of Kora Zekk. This first-person viewpoint gives us a pretty in-depth view of the Underhive. This style of writing allows the author to hold our hand through the entire going on, starting with the selling of weapons to an Orlock gang.

Kora Zekk is an excellent lead in a solidly written story, the plot is clever and not forced and the characters met are engaging and interesting. Overall an impressive little short that makes good use of the 21-page count. For a tiny $5 CAD price for the kindle, I see no reason to not treat yourself and enjoy the read.

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