Beer Review 118 // Mountain Devil IPA by Little Beasts

Love Wednesdays, it has become a day where I just talk about beer! Today's beer, a might West Coast IPA that sits at a solid 6.5% and is called Mountain Devil.

It's weird to chat about West Coast IPA's, these brews have really fallen to the side in popularity of late, with the arrival of the NEIPA and Hazy Bois. It is still a style I enjoy and if you can find a solid version, grab hold of it and never let it go.

Today's version of a West Coast IPA is Mountain Devil by Little Beasts and this could well be a keeper. A lovely golden pour greets the drinker, with a lively white cap that hangs around and clings to the glass sides as the beer is consumed. The body of the beer is slightly golden in colour, hinting at a slight caramel malt base, that will give it a slight sweetness in the finish hopefully. The aroma coming off is citrus-forward with a good amount of dank notes playing a supporting role. This makes for a very appealing aroma for sure. In taste, it is a classic IPA all the way, orange pith, grapefruit, pine, slight sticky resin that is all balanced out by that caramel malt. The taste lingers on the tongue and has a noticeable bitter finish that has you reaching for more. Goes down smooth and leaves no regrets once finished, I wish I had actually bought more.

Mountain Devil is an extremely good IPA, if you are ever near the Brewery be sure to treat yourself to a bottle. As always let me know if you have tried this brew in the comments below.

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