Beer Review 117 // Laser Show by Leftfield

Welcome back and it is hard to believe it is halfway through November already! The Christmas period is rapidly running towards us and it already seems to be building up at work. I find it to be a thrilling time as decorations go up, present buying happens and some much-needed family time is on the horizon.

It's been a busy week at work, so I felt like I needed a big beer to review. Here enters Laser Show, a double IPA by Leftfield brewery harking from Toronto, Ontario. Sitting at a cheeky but solid 8%, this is a big-hitting beer not to be taken lightly. The label matches their other cans with the two-tone colouring and its over-arching theme based around baseball.

Time to crack the can and start pouring. It pours a beautifully bright and colourful yellow, which is then capped off by a full and lively, white head that hangs to the edge of the glass throughout the sipping process. Aromas are all top-notch, tropical hops dominate the senses, and it is everything that you would expect from a good NEIPA.

On taste, it is all tropical fruits matching the aroma. Think lychee, melon, cantaloupe and carton orange juice. This is a joy to drink and goes down so smoothly and has hardly any bitterness to it. It makes the tastebuds water and leaves you wanting more and more.

This is a beer to watch out for when it fresh and is conveniently available at most LCBO's now. Keep your eyes peeled for this treat!

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