Beer Review 116 // Run Santa Run by Little Beasts

Is it too early for Christmas? It feels early, but I also see decorations going up and stores with Christmas items for sale. At work, we are discussing Christmas bundles, so it only seems right to start some Christmas themed beer reviews? Disagree tell me in the comments below, then head on over and subscribe.

Run Santa Run is produced in a cool little brewery located in Whitby, Ontario called Little Beasts. This brewery has a solid line of beers all year round. They also have cool bottle artwork, which really helps to sell the beer. Run Santa Run is an eight percent Bourbon barrel-aged English style olde ale. Big, rich and malt dominant. Notes of bread, toffee and treacle dominate the beer. Aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

The pour is dark and has a slight red hint to the edges of it. The beer looks gently carbonated and is topped by a white fluffy head. The aroma is all bourbon which is never a bad thing, whilst in taste, you get an instant hit of boozy alcohol. But, as the brew warms more flavours appear and soon the bourbon is dropping away to be replaced by a sweetness from the malts. You start getting the mentioned toffee, treacle sugars and the wholesome bready flavours. This is reminding me of days back home in the UK sampling cask ales over the festive period. At an impressive 8%, you will be hard pushed to finish a whole bottle, I highly recommend sharing. So grab a friend, grab a bottle and a board game and start having some quality time and get into the festive mood.

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