Beer Review 115 // Presto Change-o by Blood Brother

Following on from last week's Devil's Trill we stick with Blood Brothers and explore Presto Change-o. This 6% sour ale is described as a creamy, dessert-style nitro sour brewed with fresh apricots and vanilla. Sounds decent enough so let's crack open the can and see what we get!

Classic can design from Blood Brothers Brewing, their bold black and gold colouring with their hand logo dominating the frontage. I love their branding and this is just on point. The cans state to shake the can hard before pouring, I believe this is mix in the nitro which leads to a creamy pour. The beer-filled the glass beautifully with a pale hazy yellow, whilst the head was thick and creamy. After enjoying the first can I realized I didn't get a photo so I cracked a second and forgot to shake (errors everywhere). Leading to the above picture which doesn't showcase the head at all.

The aroma is fruity and gentle. In taste, the main flavours are fruity Apricot and Vanilla. Which worked so well together, it was almost like a fruity apricot milkshake. Hugely delicious, smooth till the end and extremely addictive!

As I write up these notes I checked out the Blood Brothers site and discovered it has never been reproduced which is disappointing. Was I the only fan?

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