The Cult of the Blessed Wormlings - Undercoating and a zenith highlights

Trying my hand once more at a youtube video (if you missed the first attempt see it here). As always I'm very new to all this vlogging, be gentle with the criticism. Last week I spoke of the Cult of The Blessed Wormling; well today we start the process of finally painting them.

As mentioned before I decided to start with the Neophyte Hybrids. I see this cult army being exactly that a cult. I am looking for a mass of unwashed downtrodden Grave Diggers/Robbers/mourners that have ended up crossing paths with the Children of the Star Emperor, so I want to make sure I have the scheme in place as this will be a large amount of my painting project.

This first step is a simple one. The black basecoat on the built models is then dry brushed over, using a light grey paint to help pick out the details and offer some inbuilt shading. I believe this process is called Zenith painting but I feel this may be the wrong term. Well, that's enough writing for now, check out the video below and give me some feedback once finished. If feeling kind or generous remember to hit follow on here and youtube.

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