Monday - Getting better at Blogging

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. In an attempt to improve my blogging I am going to attempt some vlogs. This is something I have never actually done before which will be apparent when you watch the video below. With anything new, mistakes are made and it definitely felt weird talking to myself, but overall it was a fun experience that I hope to keep plugging away with. If you are feeling kind be sure to click the subscribe on this blog then head over to my youtube channel (link) and give me a follow there.

What I learnt from attempt one:

  1. Backlighting is not my friend.
  2. Need to have some key points written down to prompt me.
  3. Overheating battery cutting the video short - this issue is at least now fixed.
  4. Have fun!
Enough talking, for now, have a watch have a laugh at my expense and hopefully, I will have more videos up soon. Got helpful tips? Then drop me a comment or if you have a channel you wish to share then leave me the link in the comments. As always thanks for stopping by.

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