Beer Review 114 // Devil's Trill IV A New Hope by Blood Brothers

Clearing the back log of images and notes. This time we travel back to April 2019, a weird time when people could travel to other cities and explore neighborhoods without wearing masks.

I was in Toronto due to work and whenever I'm there I make sure to visit Blood Brother. With arm load of beers I headed back to the hotel to enjoy. Up first was Devil's Trill IV: A New Hope.

This is a nitro double IPA which already soons exciting! After aggressively shaking the can I am greeted to a creamy, golden pour, no way of seeing through this monster. The white capped head settles and is definitely going no where fast.

The aroma coming off are all bright and flavoursome. I get citrus orange peel, grapefruit and  something else. Not sure what it was so investigated and discovered it was hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Cascade. But then an addition of fresh pureed apricots was added!

The taste was exactly what I expected and made me think of fruit milkshakes, thick full bodied with a slight tartness that comes from the actual fruit added. Overall an amazing beer and I highly recommend it

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