Beer Review 113 // Harry Porter and the Cherry Hoarder by Great Lakes Brewery.

Here comes the follow-up to last week's review of Harry Porter. This time it is the same base recipe but with cherry thrown into the mix. I quite enjoyed last week's brew so I do have high hopes for this one.

This official notes on this beer are pretty short and sweet just how I like them:

Harry Porter with cherries. Delicious, delicious cherries. Chocolate, coffee, cherry...smooth and velvety with a touch of acidity.

As you can see if you compare photos to the last review the pour is very similar, the main note of difference is the slightly redder hue on the edges of the glass. Ultimately we have a delicious dark brown/reddish pour with a lively bubbly head of mocha foam that does fizz away to nothing.

The aroma, of course, includes coffee roast, chocolate and cherries. The perfect line up for this style of beer. I am also happy to report that it is a real cherry smell and not a fake lip gloss aroma, which makes me so happy. The first sip is everything I could for, sweet milk chocolate, cherries (not sweet or sour just right) and then a hint of coffee comes to play. It is surprisingly low on carbonation which helps it to coat the mouth and as the beers warm we start getting tobacco ash in the finish which is also quite pleasant to experience.

Overall a very enjoyable fruited beer and a good variation on the original recipe.

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