Beer Review 112 // Harry Porter by Great Lakes Brewery

Welcome back, I took a week off to reset the batteries and adjust my focus. Ottawa has rolled back into phase two of the COVID lockdown, causing indoor dining to close and a lot of the local hospitality businesses to question if they can survive this. Watching people I have worked with go through this is a painful experience. One I would prefer to not repeat.

But the batteries are reset and I am back with another beer review. I'm sticking with my Great Lakes Brewery beers. This time Harry Porter:

- As an American style porter, HP offers up the best of a traditional porter with a flash of unique bittering hops to complement the roasted malts. Chocolate, espresso, a hint of smoke and a touch of magic all right there in the aroma and in the flavour. Medium-bodied with a creamy, silky mouthfeel, and a soft chocolatey finish, HP is wizardly in all facets.

As you can see it pours a beautiful dark brown with a lively tan head, I hate to say it but it almost looks like a glass of coke! It is a beautiful smelling brew, sitting at 6.2% it gives off lots of roasted, toasty notes, from those dark malts and I am definitely getting some coffee in the background. I personally would have loved more coffee but that really is just a personal preference. On the first sip, you get all the traditional flavours that you would expect, the roasted coffee starts pushing through the malts to shine a bit more and there is a welcomed sweetness that helps round out the brew and give it a creaminess.

Overall an excellent porter, easy-drinking and gone all too soon. Sadly this beer is a limited release and since drinking this I have not seen another batch made. I am looking forward to trying its cherry counterpart, which is up next.

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