Aeldari Flora and Fauna

As I read through the Aeldari Black Library books, I am slowly discovering new types of Flora and Fauna mentioned in them. Though mostly in passing they have for the most part been on Craftworlds, making me think they have existed back when the original Aeldari fled. I would love to create some of these creatures in the near future. Until then here is the info:

Flora and Fauna

Aelindrachi Shaderavens: Nightmare Fowl that feast on your sanity.

Blood Crows: Crows located within the Saim-Hann Craftworld.

Darkmoths: Moths

Demisylphs: Gossamer winged servants. Dark Fairies - Drukari

Lianderin Trees: Pale silver trunks, yellow flowers, dark green leaves.

Littlewings: Bird type of creature.

Maelithii: Cat Creatures

Nightcallers: Birds

Peakwolves: Husky Dogs

Scarlet Ungulaes: Deers

Spiralhorn:  Raindeer

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