The Ghost Halls of Iyanden

As I continue to clean up my Aeldari Encyclopedia page I also get the opportunity to finish tasks that I want to have complete but either forgot about or have continually put off. One such project is the collecting Iyanden resources into one spot for reference, this way I am not constantly digging through books or worry about damaging some nice codex I bought.

In no way is this my own work it is used without permission, for purely hobby purposes.

The Ghost Halls

"For most Craftworlds, the Ghost Warriors are the last line of defence, awoken sparingly and seldom in large numbers. On Iyanden, where the boundary between the land of the living and the dead is particularly thin, the ghost warriors are so numerous and so active that they have willingly taken up the burden of the Craftworld's wars. Thus have Wraithguard, Wraithblades and Wraithlords adopted the duties once given over to Guardians and Aspect Warriors, overwhelming through endurance and implacability those enemies that would have once been defeated through deftness and grace. Just as Iyanden's wraith-warriors dwell in the ruined and silent ghost halls that were once their families' ancestral domes, so too do they fight together on the field of battle. They bear the colours of their Craftworld and the iconography of their houses -- for the Eldar of Iyanden, the importance of lineage transcends even death itself. It is rare, though not unheard of, for ghost warriors of different houses to fight together. What remains of an Eldar soul after death is given to extremes of personality -- only the strongest character traits and obsessions survive the transition from living being to spirit. By having ghost warriors of the great houses fight alongside their kin, the Spiritseers guarantee that these divergent forces are bound by a common purpose that transcends the dreamlike desires of the dead." - Codex Supplement Iyanden.

Notable Iyanden Houses

  • House of Varinash - Proud in life, proud in death -- that is what other Eldar says of the House of Varinash, for its scions have ever been reluctant to share their burdens of duty and honour with others. So large and populous was Varinash that, in its heyday, it held sway over many Aspect Shrines and could field war hosts of impressive size without the aid or consent of other houses. Now, perhaps only a few hundred of its folk still dwell in the living world. Those who remain have given lives over to the service of their ancestors, ensuring that they are ever girded for war.
  • House of Divinesh - The ghost warriors of the House of Divinesh are insular isolationists and seldom emerge from their ghost halls except in times of great need. At other times, Wraithseers gather in the shadowed chambers where the elders of Divinesh once held a council, their efforts ever bent on piercing the veil of the future. What they are looking for, no one knows, for no member of the House of Divinesh will speak of it. Nonetheless, there are rumours that the scryings are dispersing the souls of their ghost warriors, and outsiders wonder what peril could possibly be so dire as to require such sacrifice.
  • House of Arienal - The House of Arienal was all but destroyed during the Battle of the Burning Moon. Most were not even present at the conflict itself but perished when Kallorax's cyclonic torpedo struck Iyanden. The psychic sorrow birthed at that moment rippled through the Warp, overwhelming Arienal's survivors. All across Yriel's fleet, Aspect Warriors, helmsmen and ships' crew collapsed in that manner of puppets whose strings had been cut; their souls fled into their way stones. Only one daughter of the House of Arienal yet lives, and none can say how she has avoided being driven mad with grief.
  • House of Delgari - There are few places upon Iyanden so desolate and sorrowful as the ghost halls of the House of Delgari. Never a grand bloodline, Delgari has borne more than its share of tragedies; now, even its ghost warriors are dwindling. Each year, more Wraithguard slip away into the restless death-sleep of the spirits, their proud vigil abandoned as ennui and sadness overtake them. The still-living Delgari watch with horror as their ancestors slip away into the void and toil ever harder for a means by which hope can be restored before it is too late.
  • House of Valor - In life, the warriors of the House of Valor stood at the forefront of Iyanden's greatest war hosts, and death had done little to change this. They are amongst the first to muster when war calls, solemnly assembling to some unseen summons, often before the living are aware of any danger. The House of Valor no longer has any progeny amongst the living, for last of their line was slain during the attack of Hive Fleet Kraken. Thus have the ghost warriors silently embraced all Eldar as close kin, and they give freely of their strength and souls when the Craftworld is threatened.
  • House of Haladesh - Of all Iyanden's great lineages, the House of Haladesh has suffered least from the Craftworld's tragedies. Such a capriciousness of fate would perhaps have bred bad feeling between Haladesh and the other houses, were it not for the faultless and unselfish manner in which its sons and daughters cast themselves into war. Kelmon Firesight, once the leader of Iyanden's Council, was a son of Haladesh, and it is said that he still walks his family's ghost halls consumed with regret for his failings in mortal life.
  • House of Ulthanash - As befits a line sprung from one of the greatest heroes, the House of Ulthanash is a proud lineage with a gloried path. Yet it is also one that has learned humility in recent years. For too long did the sons and daughters of Ulthanash look down upon Prince Yriel, spurning him for his half-blood nature. It was only when the exiled scion became Iyanden's saviour that his kin, both living and dead, recognized the folly of their prejudices. Now, only the most stubborn of the Ulthanashi ancestors have not pledged themselves fully to Yriel's cause -- the rest have willingly put aside old misgivings in survival's name.

I hope this resource can help future Iyanden collectors decide on a House for their army, and maybe even spark the imagination for some great conversions. For myself the House of Ulthanash stood out as I am a big fan of Yriel, it also allows me to play with different aspects. This is due to Yriel having links to the Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Ynnari and Corsairs (just need to squeeze in Exodites). Ultimately this will allow me to flit between projects on the grander scheme of Yriel's warhost.

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