Miniature Mondays - The times and the photos are a changing.

Hey, readers or followers (not a follower? Please take the time to follow). Excited to announce my newest purchase off my blogging upgrade/wants list is a new camera! I purchased myself a Sony a5100, not the newest camera on the market but viewed by many as the perfect blogging or vlogging camera. It has the option to change the lens and upgrade through add ons and is seemingly good for miniature photos and has better video quality than my phone can give me.

So in the upcoming weeks, you will get treated to me playing with this new toy. As a warning, I am still learning the art photography, expect blurs, expect overworked editing, expect errors. But it is through these errors that I will learn and I hope by sharing I will get advice or maybe inspire someone else to pick up a camera. For this week (day 2 of the camera) I staged a few photos and thought I would share the results. If you have tips for me please leave a comment below.

(Slight blurring, believe I got too close)

(Original Photo - Trying to practice some gaming style shots)

(Same photo with Cropping and Brighting)

(Alt Angle)

(Focus on gangster this time)

Let me know your thoughts please, as this is only the beginning (sounds like a threat ha). I definitely need to work on a tripod option and better lighting, but hopefully with trail and error things will improve.

Thanks for stopping by.

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