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Hey everyone, in theory today I should be posting part two of the Complete Case Files 12. Unfortunately real life blocked me finishing it, so rather than rush it, I am taking the week off posting. Instead I am humbly requesting a few things from you my readers. Please take a moment to attempt the following as it would bring a smile to my face:

  1. Subscribe to my blog! I know a simple request right? Head up to the top and just click subscribe and select your option. The first is by using your google account to follow. If this option hits 50 in the future, I will do an competition and give away some prizes. The second option is to fill in your email. This will then notify you whenever I post. Not interested in that? The third and final way is to use Feedburner or RSS feeds if you like things old school.
  2. Check out a few of my pages:
  3. Drop me a comment, just say hi. Could be here or on any of my other posts. Give me something to check out, give advice, spam me if you want. Let's get social.
  4. Find me on Instagram come say hi, follow etc.
Ultimately I blog for the hope of a social aspect, so I humbly request you take a moment and reach out. Got your own blog? Share the link I would to visit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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