Dan Abnett Block - Update

It's been a hot minute since I last updated this project and though progress has been made it has been slow. Been work, kids and COVID, it has felt like a rollercoaster of activity. Plus side to all this real-life "stuff" is amassing a bin full of useless pieces that I can hopefully use to add details to the build.

The current overall board size is 2' by 4'. Board one which is a 2' by 2' piece is the unnamed building, Thinking I can build small shop fronts on the rear wall to make it seem like some promenade or something. Still need to work on an escalator to get between levels, but the basic shell is formed.

The second board another 2' by 2' piece will be an expansion of the building but will be more full of market-style food restaurants. This section will also in the beginnings of an overpass walkway and will mostly be made using MDF buildings. For this section, I want a real cluttered zone were only a good old foot chase would happen - imaging perps knocking over citizens and bins as they flee the Judges.

Overall slow progress but moving forwards steadily. Quick steps for me include scoring the pavement into the second board and sanding to add texture. I then want to try and add some initial details before getting a sealing primer onto it all. Maybe by Christmas, I can have a 50% finished board for photographing minis on.

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