Book Review 97 // The Fall of Deadworld Omnibus by Matthew Smith

Time for a non-Warhammer book review! Before you fear the world is collapsing I haven't stepped too far from my comfort zone. Swapping the worlds of constant warfare, for the mean streets of Mega-City One (well kind of). The book I am reviewing is The Fall of Deadworld, by 2000 AD and Rebellion Publishing. The book itself consists of three short stories, combining to create the early stages of the fall of the Deadworld and the rise of the Dark Judges.

Book Details

Title: The Fall of Deadworld Omnibus

Author: Matthew Smith

Publisher: Black Library

Type: E-Book

Page Count: 450

Commercial Fluff: A brand-new omnibus collection featuring three new novellas set in the world of Judge Dredd's iconic villains, The Dark Judges.


In time, the whole world will be a graveyard, a charnel pit for billions. In time, a tiny few will be all that remains, fighting back against the terrible, rotting “greys” until none are left. In time, the Dark Judges will rule unquestioned over an empty world.

But before the end of Deadworld must come the fall…


Technecially a three story omnibus following the early stages of the Dark Judges Coup. Personally to me it read more like a two story novel as Bone White seeds and Grave Flesh Flies is more of Part one and two.

Red Mosquito - My favourite of the three tales. We get to follow the initial coup by the Dark Judges through the eyes of an unsuspecting thug for hire. As the city collapses around him, and corpse-like justice squad roam the streets, our likable thug accidentally becomes the unwilling guardian of the only man with the knowledge to stop Mortis' Red Mosquito plan. A great dark opener to the book. Shows us the chaos and confusion on the streets of the main city as no one truly knows what is happening. As the story progresses we plunge into the darkness and what it means to live in these times.

Bone White Seeds & Grave Flesh flies - A two-part tale following Misha. Once part of a group of survivors, we slowly discover her link to the hall justice and that she is a prize beyond compare to the sister's Phobia and Nausea. A fun tale as you try to decide if Misha is going insane and who exactly is in control? A solid tale that kept me intrigued to the end. The sisters are interesting characters and it is nice to see them get a bit more action. Could happily read more on this pair and their dark dealings.

Overall the novel is a bit light on the Dark Judges, but full of lore and background info on their world and how they went about seizing power. Mortis is the main Judge experienced in the book and learned a few new facts about him that I hadn't realised before. I feel this is a read for fans of the 2000 AD but would miss the mark for other readers.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading. Up next back to the Horus Heresy with Book 15. Prospero Burns: The Wolves unleashed.

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