Beer Review 111 // Great Lakes Brewery - Meanwhile...Down in Moxee

Today I try out a new way of writing about beer and hopefully it will be a bit more personable and enjoyable to read (worth a go hey?). For this review, I am cracking open a Great Lakes Brewery beer from Toronto Canada called Meanwhile...Down in Moxee. A New England Style IPA, clocking in at a pretty standard and respectable 6.5%. Here is the official write up:

Hazy in appearance, coming awfully close to the look of non-pulped orange juice. Aromas of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pear and a soft touch of vanilla. Bold melon flavours on the first sip, which lead to some peach, green pear and cantaloupe mid palate. Juicy up front, but finishes dry with a touch of bitterness. Soft mouthfeel making the 6.5% abv deceptive. The El Dorado hops takes GLB down a different road...

Not going to lie this was enjoyed in a Comfort Inn and drank in the completely wrong style of glassware (so no judgements). The label is attempting to tell a story but for me is a bit too crowded and chaotic, the story of the beer name is good though, so check out the GLB site and read about it. As mentioned in their description it is El Dorado hopped and this leads to some gentle aromas, definitely getting a melon aroma which type I can't tell, but definitely reminding of the melon I always leave in a fruit cup. Not getting pear or vanilla from this but this could be due to it being slightly too cold. The taste is juicy but not overpowering, once again a melon flavour in a non-descript way, a slight sweetness is also present before making way for the hop bitterness to move in and dry out the palate.

Overall a nice enough brew, nothing offensive, nothing exciting, a nice easy drinking middle of the road beer. I recommend trying at least once, then maybe pass by for some other beer off their self like Octopus wants to Fight.

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