Beer Review 110 // 9 Mile IPA by Lickinghole Creek

Sometimes you are just cruising through the LCBO looking for a beer when suddenly you spot a beer you have never had. Sometimes it excites you, with a cool label, an interesting beer style or sometimes it just makes you laugh because secretly your still a child with the humour to match. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on viewpoint, I am a child. When I saw the title of the beer I knew I had to have one.


Name - 9 Mile IPA

Style - IPA

Brewery - Lickinghole Creek Brewery

Country - Virginia, USA

ABV - 6.5%

Commercial Fluff - 9 mile is a smooth, hoppy-go-lucky drinkable IPA with a conscientious. The philanthropic backbone of this product is to deliver hope and access to clean water to a remote village called "9 Mile", high in the mountains of Jamaica. With every can sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to creating access to clean water for this village. 9 mile is brewed to be easy access for all to enjoy craft beer. 

Own Opinion

Well once I was past my childish amusement I chilled the beer and enjoyed later that day. Pouring a very hazy and bright yellow this beer looked very welcoming. Aroma hitting the nose included pineapple, resin, citrus and some juicy mango, it wasn't exactly fresh smelling but definitely smelt good. Following a good mouthful or two you are greeted by a lingering bitterness which wasn't too strong, the hoppy character does hang out for a while making you want to drink more. Overall this was a middle of the road beer for me, maybe fresh on tap it's a whole different experience. Ultimately a solid childish pass.

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