Beer Review 108 // The Real HR. Frederiksen by Amager and Evil Twin

Well, last week I triumphantly announced how I was moving on from Evil Twin drinks, well turns out I was only resting for a week. And soon we are back into the delicious ET brews, for this week's beer we tasting a collaboration recipe which is always fun.

 The Real HR. Frederiksen

Style- Stout

Brewery- Evil Twin

Country- Denmark

ABV- 10.4 %

Commercial Fluff- A spiced collaboration edition between Amager Bryghus and Evil Twin of the Amager signature beer Hr. Frederiksen. In this version with vanilla, chilli pepper and cinnamon added.

Own Opinion

Pours rather thinly, the head is almost non-existent within moments which is a little disappointing. Getting a lot of chocolate and vanilla along with spicy notes in the aroma which is pleasant. The vanilla and chocolate transfer well into the beer adding a classic stout taste but then the spices wake up with pepper and cinnamon kicking in hard on the back throat. Weirdly the flavours completely cover up any alcohol heat which means it is surprisingly easy to enjoy. Not a groundbreaking brew and though fun to try I think I would miss purchasing again in order to try something new.

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