Beer Review 107 // Simple Malt Black Majestic Truculente

Finally moving on away from Evil Twin, but I promise I will be back drinking those soon. This time I uncapped something a little closer to home. Picked up at the local IGA this beer seems to tick the boxes so we should dive on in.


Name: Simple Malt Black Majestic Truculente

Style: Imperial Stout

Brewery: Simple Malt

Country: Quebec, Canada.

ABV: 12 %

Commercial Fluff: Enhanced version of our majestic black with a maturation period of a few months in oak barrels used for the production of bourbon. A majestic Reserve stout, in fact, which will fill you up ... the senses!

Own Opinion

Straight away this pours a beautiful dark brown almost black colour. The head starts off looking thick and creamy but sadly fizzes away to just a slight ring topping the beer. The aroma is dominated by Bourbon, just full-on alcoholic bourbon, it is at the point that you can barely smell anything else. Taste is unsurprisingly on the bourbon heavy side as well, but at least you get some dark malt chocolate characters to appear in there. The booze soon kicks in giving heat in the back of the throat so I highly recommend sharing. Overall a solid beer but a bit too heavy on the bourbon for my personal tastes.

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