Aeldari Names

Welcome, Aeldari fans to another lore post on my favourite 40k race. For a while now I have been attempting to collect and organize an extensive Aeldari tome, and now that the main page (LINK) has become cumbersome I am trying to do I nice cleanup.

This time I turn my aged wraithbone fingers to the writing of Aeldari names, where possible I have made mention to the title, identifying sex, the Craftworld and the deceased status of the characters. In no way is this complete and so it will continue to grow, but I hope it may inspire you to recreate some of them in miniature form.

For me, this is a living list and an enjoyable part of the hobby. With this in mind, I invite you to comment on your own homebrewed Aeldari characters and some details on them so I may add them to the list.


"Make no mistake, Human. We do not fight for your Emperor. We fight against Horus" - Lord-Phoenix Madallaith, Biel-tan


Abrahasil: Korlandril's mentor and a great artist. Alaitoc. (M)
Abrahak: Unknown Archon.
Absydius Vyle: Haemonculus Prophets of Flesh.
Achillrial: A fearless champion of the Craftworld Féin-Cineál and was one of the first of the Eldar's Autarchs. Upon his appointment to the Path of Command, Achillrial was gifted a helm that could capture light itself and its plume reflected colours like a sun-splashed prism. In battle the helm blinded Achillrial's enemies, preventing anyone from besting him in close combat, and although the helm's radiance drew an inordinate amount of the enemy's fire towards him, no shot could fell the Autarch. It was ultimately treachery that bested Achillrial and led to the downfall of his Craftworld. Now nothing remains of Féin-Cineál except the Autarch's helm, which is now known as the Shimmerplume of Achillrial.
Adalain: Sable Sword Striking Scorpion.
Adrallanar: Farseer Mentor of House Teuthlas Iyanden. The last pupil was Iyanna Arienal. Deceased
Aethyril: An ancient long-dead Sculptor.
Aestra Khromys: Overlord of the Obsidian Rose. (F)
Aethon Sunstrider: Wraithknight pilot of Soulseeker.
Ahashra Rhiel: Exodite Knight
Ahlenthor: Unknown
Ailill Nuada: Shadowseer and a member of the Conclave of Tears
Akhellian: Autarch
Alaiteir: Alaitoc Farseer.
Alanthrasil Swiftblade: Pirate Prince. His full name is Aliachemoranthrashe'ill, translated as "the swift and final twist of the crescent blade." He was born on Biel-tan and is a master of the combat form Imuluan. He fought against Hive Fleet Leviathan where his sister, Eminielle, was killed: her spirit stone was later forged into his weapon
Alarielle: Guardian
Alishazier: Millennia-old Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer, who harboured a deep terror of joining the ranks of her crystallized predecessors. Unable to accept such a fate, she invested her psyche into the circuitry network of her Ghost Helm, so that her spirit might forever keep other Ulthwé Farseers safe from harm.
Alladrios Kulcassian: Eldar Farseer of Alaitoc
Almic the Wise: Saim-Hann Farseer
Aloec Sunspear: Biel-Tan Autarch
Alovok Grette: Lesser Archon of the Black Heart.
Altariec: Farseer Biel-Tan
Althenian Armourlost: Last of an extinct Fire Dragon Shrine. Bodyguard to Iyanna.
Althenian Brightlance: Armed with a Sword
Alguinas: Saim-hann Windrider
Alsaethaim: Saim-Hann Clan Frostwind father of Navaesaidth
Alyasa: Saim-Hann Windrider Warlock
Ameridath: Frostwind chieftain Saim-Hann
Anath'lan: Deceased Biel-Tan Farseer.
Answea Delleaneth: Corsair Captain, white armour, unknown band.
Anthrillien Morningchild: Autarch of Yme-Loc
Anvirr Keltoc: Saim-Hann Farseer
Anathroelle Starseeker: Farseer of Ulthwe. She led an attack on the Imperial space station Delugen in search of a Genestealer Cult. While she was successful in purging the infestation, her forces were ultimately driven off by the Black Templars.
Andaenysis: Captain of the Pheonix Risen Corsair
Andross Klax: Archon.
Anothesia: Howling Banshee
Aradryan: Korlandril's friend and Ranger from Alaitoc. Now a Ynnead pilot.
Aralie Coppermane: Ulthwe Farseer
Arathuin: Pilot Swift River
Alaitoc Farseer
Arhathain: Autarch of Craftworld Alaitoc
Arhra: Dark Father of the Incubi.
Arhulesh: Striking Scorpion.
Ariadien: One half of the Gemini Squadron - Pilot of the Revenant Sound of Sunlight.
Aricar: Lannanaris Corsair
Ariensis: Archon of the Severed.
Arleth Vann: Lannanaris Corsair Retainer.
Arneean: Saim-Hann jetbiker
Arthuis: Dark Reaper
Artuis: Navigator Swift River
Aseris Lightblade: Harlequin Player
Aseterion: Male Banshee Exarch - Biel tan.
Asdrubael Vect: Oldest know Dark Eldar and leader of the Black Heart Kabal.
Ashodh: Deceased brother of Aethon, bonded in Wraithknight Soulseeker.
Askar-vaq: Dracon Black Heart.
Assatur: Iyanden Spiritseer
Astrothia: Ulthwe Seer
Astylia: Warlock
Athel Astaan: Corsair Reaver Sunblitz
Atalvyr: Poet Iyanden
Aulirel Doomhand: Striking Scorpion Exarch
Aurelia Malys: Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue
Aurentium: Thirianna's Father and Wishseer.
Auric Stormcloud: Ulthwe Farseer who is on a quest to stop a daemon prince.
Avenelle: Alaitoc Farseer
Aya: Windrider
Meliniel's second in command. Ex-Black Heart deacon. Scarlet sash over his armour. Whip agoniser. Ynnead follower.


B'sainnad: Vyper Pilot of Fireheart. Vyper is called Alean.
Bechareth: Striking Scorpion (means Spirit on the Wind or Stranger).
Beestria La'kreen: Wych Cult of the Wrath Unbound.
Bellathonis: Master Haemonculus who has studied the ancient arts of Vlokarion and in the the Black Descent, and is among the most capable Haemonculi at resurrecting individuals who have long since died.
Bemenacth: Wraithlord of Craftworld Iyanden. A hero to the Eldar of Iyanden, she was killed fighting in the Battle of the Dying Sun.
Borhu'Q: Captain of the Glowing Pain Black Heart Kabal
Bithandreal: deceased hellion.


Caelec: Also known as Caelec the Wanderer, was a famous Eldar explorer from Yme-Loc. In 794.M41 he breached a sealed runic portal, that unfortunately for him turned out to lead to Khorne's realm. A group of Flesh Hounds slew Caelec and followed his scent back to his Craftworld, causing utter carnage before they were finally defeated.
Caelledhin: Fireheart's half sister
Caerys: Farseer of Ulthwé
Catritheyn: Alaitoc Farseer
Celidhi: Mistweaver Chieftain (f)
Charythas: Ulthwe Seer
Corallyon: Ranger
Cualain: Saim-Hann vyper gunner
Cuithella: Saim-Hann Frostwave chieftain (f)
Culthain: Deceased. Autarch Iyanden.


Dae'reac Starhunter: Ynnead Wraithguard
Daensyrith: Ulthwe Seer
Daethrak Demarr:
Dracon Black Heart
Dagdhel: Saim-hann windrider
Dahtarioc: Biel-Tan Farseer.
Danaesh: A Young King from the Howling Banshees (a rare male member) on Ulthwe
Daraesath: Saim-Hann Glimmerfire Farseer
Deathspinner: Iyanden Wraithseer
Deliquescence: Talos Pain Engine
Dernoth: Unknown
Dhentiln Firesight: Iyanden Farseer
Dhuzhar: Wych
Dolthaic: Lannanaris Corsair
Dollenhal: A warrior of Myth fighting Orks.
Doloroana Startreader: Iyanden Admiral.
Draech Starhand: Iyanden High Admiral (deceased)/Now a Wraithlord
Drastanta: Tempest of Starlight Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears.
Drazhar: Master of Blades Drukari or Living Sword.
Drekarth X'uskul: Dark Eldar Archon
Druthkhala Shadowspite: Messenger of Ynnead, rides a Blood Red Reaver Jetbike.
Durantai-Bec: Biel-Tan Pilot
Durothian: Dark Reaper Exarch of Ulthwe
Dyoz Nazzanct: Kabalite, Splinter of the Pointing Needle, Shard of the Voyaging Nerve. Lords of the Iron Thorn.


Ebahn Lauma: Corsair Prince of the Baelstorm Avengers and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Edaia: Vyper Gunner
Edric Shiverhand: Slave Eldar in the Dark City.
Eiladar Ys: Lugganath Farseer, who served in the Black Library's Black Council
Elarique Swiftblade: Autarch of Alaitoc
Eldanesh: Hero of legend
Eldorath Starbane: Farseer of Craftworld Alaitoc.
Eldrad Ulthran: High Farseer of Ulthwe and devote to Ynnead.
Elendri Deathsiren: The Crone Banshee Wraithlord (Iyanden)
Elheir Dawnstar: Ulthwe Storm Guardian Ynnead.
Eliac Zephyrblade: Autarch Saim-Hann
Elinadathin: Ulthwe Seer
Elissanadrin: Female Striking Scorpion.
Elleria: Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer.
Elshar: Exarch Striking Scorpions
El'Uriaq: Known as the Tyrant of Shaa-Dom, was one of the most powerful Dark Eldar Archon's in history.
Eminielle: Deceased sister of Alanthrasil her spirit stone is now infused with his weapon.
Eon Kull: Farseer Craftworld Dolthe. Manipulated Gaunt's Ghosts to his aid (deceased)
Erandel Voidsinger: Farseer of Craftworld Kaelor and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Ethrael: Yriel's Second, High Admiral of Iyanden. Died on Starwind Voyager fighting Tyriands
Evelincia Davenyr: Circle of the Winnowing Harvest. Cult of Strife. Drukari.
Evinkahr the Ghast: Wrack of the Black Descent.
Exelot Vorn: Splinter of the Skinless Finger, Shard of the Shattered Hand. Drukari


Faelanthil: Weapons Joyous Venture (deceased)
Faeodne: Corsair Captain of The Princess of Gold
Faristar Danceblade: Iyanden Wraithlord no house
Faurasah: Ynnead Warlock
Feidhinna: (f) Cousin of Nuadhu.
Fell Winter: Legendary Eldar Saim-Hann Chieftain, who led his Craftworld's forces in invading the Imperium world Dellerax
Felyndael: Guardian of the Waning Light (AOS)- Stealing this name for a future Iyanden Character.
Ffaid Karhedra: Eyslk-Tan Farseer, who served in the Black Library's Black Council
Fheltoir: Wych
Fiarithin: Aspect Warrior.
Findrueir: Iyanden Female Philosopher- Writer of Prophecies of Interrogation.
Forlissiar: Biel-Tan Farseer.
Fuerlan: Poet


Gelthelion the Wave Shaper: Webway Portal Opener
Geraintheneth: Autarch Biel tan.
Getheric: Iyanden Admiral.
Gharonael: Striking Scorpion
Graegon Pupaque: Haemonculus of the Prophet of Flesh.
Gretius: Haemonculus.
Guentilian Onyxblade: Warlock of Altansar (deceased)
Gurieal: Biel tan Autarch and Hathaeliar's partner.
Gwyth Bannrionic: Deceased Autarch of Iyanden.


Haaldhorm: Mythical Warrior, master of Ambush.
Habias Shiverwing: Scourge
Hallendorm: Unknown
Hauclir: Lannanaris Corsair
H'daei: Biel-Tan Farseer
Hekatii: Dark Muse, Mother of Strife.
Herethiath: Yriel's Aid.
Herinim:Iyanden Autarch
Herisianith: Shuttle Pilot
Hethaeliar the Fourth Blooded: Biel-Tan Autarch Female
Hetherion: Iyanden Wraithguard of House Divinesh
Hijeroc the Blind: Ulthwe Farseer.
Hithrianair: Ancient long dead Sculptor.
Hrythar Dreamweave: Wild Rider Saim-Hann
Hularc: Poet.
Husarthas: Nuadhu's uncle
Hylandris: Exiled Farseer from Anuiven
Hythnamene Veilblood: Wych Cult Succubus of Wrath Unbound.


Iath Bloodweaver: A Corsair Prince, who once possessed the Gauntlet of the Forge; one of the Artefacts of Vulkan
Idomen: Howling Banshee
Idraesci Dreamspear: A male Great Harlequin Midnight Sorrow, blade and Neuro Distrupter.
Idranel: Ulthwe Farseer lead the Eldar forces in sub-sector Aurelia. She has goaded the Orks into attacking the Blood Raven's holdings
Ildrintharir: Ancient long dead Sculptor.
Illanor, the Augur: Saim-Hann Farseer who led a force from his Craftworld, to aid the Harlequins of the Masque of the Laughing Circus save a Maiden World
Illiaca: Saim-Hann Winterbright Seer (f)
Illic Nightspear: Ranger from Craftworld Alaitoc.
Illithrys Goldenmane: Everguard of Alaitoc
Ilmarth: Corsair Prince of the Soul Reavers
Invaril Brightshard: Bonesinger, famous for constructing the first Infinity Circuit on Iyanden with the aid of Farseer Mehlendri Silversoul. It is said that Iyanden has never known a more skilled Wraithbone shaper than he, and while he is long dead his soul remains within the Wraithforge Stone to aid its wielder.
Iqbraesil: Iyanden Farseer, who once invited the High Inquisitor Czevak to his Craftworld, in order to allow the Inquisitor to learn more about the Eldar
Iraelun: Alaitoc Farseer
Irilith: Female Iyanden Ranger
Isharann: Farseer
Ith'laer: Unknown
Ithalaris: Saim-Hann Vyper Pilot
Iyanna Arienal: Spiritseer Iyanden
Iyasta: Iyanden Warlock armed with a Witchblade
Iyothia: Deceased mother of Nuadhu's (f)


Jalaxlar: Artisan Drukari and creator of the glass plague.
Jeda Lynx: Wych Cult of the Red Grief.
Jethlesar: Jetbike, Laser Lance.


Kadoreth: Navigator Swift River
Kael: Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock
Kaeleth-Tul: Bonesinger, once renowned as the greatest in all of the galaxy, who resided on Craftworld Kinshara. It was this reputation that led Maugan Ra himself, to kidnap Kaeleth-Tul from his home; in order to teach him the art of Bonesinging. For many years the Bonesinger was kept captive and forced to teach Maugan Ra his art, in order to create the perfect weapon to be used by the Phoenix Lord: the Maugetar. Finally, Maugan Ra learned all he needed to and mutilated Kaeleth-Tul, taking his eyes, tongue and hands so that the Bonesinger would never tell anyone about or create a greater weapon than the one Maugan Ra had created.
Kaevi Firehand: Alaitoc Windrider.
Kalaea: Eldritch Raider
Karadryel: Windrider
Karandras: Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions.
Karatjian Starstrider: Legend of House Ulthanar Iyanden
Karhedron: Farseer Unknown Craftworld
Kasogareth: Corsair Captain of Insinuous
Kathllain: Howling Banshee
Kauerith: Farseer of Ulthwe, killed by Seraphim Superior Amelda during the Defence of Dimmamar
Kaydaryal: Sensor Control on Joyous Venture (deceased)
Kelamith: Alaitoc Farseer.
Kelithia: Iyanden Farseer, very old.
Kellian: Biel-Tan Farseer.
Kelmon Farsight: Farseer Iyanden (deceased), Wraith Seer in the ghosthalls of Haladesh.
Kenainath: The Deadly Shadow Exarch, Keeper of the Shrine.
Kethrian: Guardian
Khaebrys Xulfur: Haemonculus of the Twelve now a statue made of bone.
Kheradruakh: The Decapitator collecting Skulls for a reason only known fully to him.
Khiraen Goldhelm: Wraithlord of Ulthwé armed with a sword. During the Horus Heresy era he was destroyed by Fulgrim and his spirit eaten by Slaanesh.
Khresilla: deceased hellion
Kirandrin: Bonesinger.
Korlandril: 'Path of the Warrior' main character.
Kraillach: Archon and overlord of the Kabal of the Realm Eternal (deceased)
Kryasanth: Iyanden Farseer, who aided his Craftworld in invading the Imperium-held Maiden World Davinuus.
K'shaic: Archon of the Bladed Lotus.
Kyarna: Saim-Hann Wraithguard.
Kysaduras the Anchorite: Eldar Mystic, set Eldrad on the path of Ynnead.


Laarian Starspeaker: Ex-exarch Dire Avengers Silvered Blade Shrine, Ex-Incubi. Now the Visarch.
Laconfir: Biel-Tan
Laedellin Starshone: Midnight Sorrow Shadowseer.
Laeril: Unknown
Laiesh: Howling Banshee
Laileh: Saim-Hann - Matriarch of Clan Icewhisper
Lasaikka: Ynead Howling Banshee
Lathriel: High Farseer Biel-Tan now follower of Ynnead.
Lathrangil: Harlequin Solitare
Laurenuin: Merchant Joyous Venture (deceased)
Lechthennian: An old musician who arrived on Biel tan. Possibly a solitaire.
Leichthair: Warlock
Letikuss Ohm: Haemonculus
Lelith Hesperax: Leader of the Cult of Strife.
Lethrael: Succubus of the Cursed Blade.
Licentas: Ulthwe Seer
Lieprio Kalzag'ha: Splinter of Deathly Rigour, Shard of the Last Breath. Drukari Kabalite.
Lietriam: Bonesinger Iyanden
Liirhanthradh: Ulthwe Warlock, follower of Ynnead.
Liallath: Female Wych (Blood Dancer)
Linthis: Ranger
Lord-Phoenix Ironstorm: Wraithlord Biel-Tan
Lord-Phoenix Madallaith: Wraithlord Biel-tan
Lorios the Fatebringer: Saim Hann seer deceased
Lorith: Warlock of Alaitoc
Lorizael: Windrider
Louashafer: Dire Avenger Exarch of Ulthwe
Lumino: Corsair Prince (Eldritch Raider) Deceased.


Maesleir: Warrior
Maerthuin: Dark Reaper (M)
Mainadrethiena: Ynnari Aeldari
Maiys: Of Grovenspire Sybarite, Splinter of the Blooded Alabaster, White Shard of Grovenspire.
Manyia: Child on Joyous Venture (deceased)
Marifsa: Nuadhu Aunt
Mauryon: Biel-tan
Mehlendri Silversoul: Farseer of Iyanden living in M33. She was one of the first to recover Waystones from Crone Worlds and use her Bonesingers to adapt them to an Infinity Circuit. At the end, Silversoul realized that a soul must be made to awaken the Circuit, and she chose to offer herself. Legend says that her spirit lingers at the border between the dead and living worlds, welcoming the fresh dead into the Circuit's embrace.
Meliniel: Autarch Biel tan. Red armour, black rune on the high helm. Armed with the Spear Ahz-Ashir the striking bolt. Ynnead Follower.
Mesruel Savhaar: Lhamaean
Milak Mytar Vos: Wych Seventh Woe.
Mirehn Bielann: Unknown Farseer
Mithrainn: Striking Scorpion.
Monmort Vargehl: Wrack from the Dark Creed (M)
Mordakon Bestruvia: Lesser Archon of the Black Heart.
Morgat Vykreen: Splinter of the Black Chalice, Shard of the Tainted Blood Drukari.
Morpex Kras'vand: Wrack of the Hex.
Morr: An Incubus who has faithfully and loyally served the Kabal of the Realm Eternal for many generations, upholding the Silent Brotherhoods oaths to his Archon
Mor'u: Beastmaster
Muon Nol: Dire Avenger Exarch, unknown Shrine Red Plume. Craftworld Dolthe.
Mydilian: Haemonculus of the Twelve.


Nadomesh: Howling Banshee
Naemonesh: A Great Harlequin (F)
Naerien: Saim-Hann Clan Fireheart - B'sainnad's mother
Naeth'aer: Unknown
Naidazaar: Archon Kabal of the Barbed Eye.
Napheriuth: Dire Avenger Exarch Ulthwe
Nathir: Unknown
Navaesaidth: Clan Icewhisper - Brother to Caelledhin
Neamoriun: Gifted singer, Fire Dragon (deceased).
Neamyh: Aid to Niall
Neidaria: Revenant Pilot Iyanden - Silent Screams
Nepharua Goldwind: Saim Hann Warlock
Neridiath: Pilot of Joyous Venture (deceased)
Nestra Orphiel: Spiritseer of Craftworld Alaitoc. During the Carnac Campaign she would enter the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit to gather the Soulstones of Alaitoc's heroes to form the Continnum, a group of Wraith-constructs, to aid in their battle against the Necrons.
Nhilus the Ardent:
A Corsair Prince whose raids targeted Volyn, a Mining World.
Niall Fireheart: Nuadhu's father
Niveach: Farseer
Norcellen Agrenyar: Wych of Blade Denied.
Nuadhu Fireheart: Saim-Hann High Chieftain (Autarch). Armed with Spear Drake's Fang.
Nueleth: Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock.
Nuurnil: The Wanderer
Nyos Yllitian: Archon of the Kabal of The White Flame


Oadenwul: Warrior of Myth
Ola Belphoebe: Ranger 
Olari Dreamshaper: Bonesinger Iyanden.
Olascyn Vongoliot: Kabalite Splinter of Rictus Immemorial, Shard of Twisted Visage. Drukari.
Ologoth Veeque: Beastmaster Cult of the Seventh Woe
Orensae: Autarch Ulthwe
Oristran: is a Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock.


Petrillien: Iyanden Farseer, who aided his Craftworld in invading the Imperium-held Maiden World Davinuus.
Pheriavex Nastradus: Kabalite, Splinter of Unanswered Pleas, Shard of Ungiven Mercy. Drukari
Phorsa Quex: Sybarite, Splinter of Darkness Emerging, Shard of the Jade Chrysalis. Drukari


Qelanaris: Saim-Hann Spiritseer
Quaillindral: Fire Dragon Exarch Iyanden


Raizhar of Vayn: Wrack of the Twelve.
Reethia Bleek: Succubus of Strife.
Sons of Fuegan (Fire Dragons)
Rhilha: Unknown
Rhyloor: Autarch of Clan Moirec. Saim-Hann
Ruisafoneth: White Seers


Saarain: Guardian
Saarania: A Princess and currently the commander of the Void Dragons Corsairs.
Saimesh Roh: Wraithknight
Sairua: Wych Leader Ynnead
Samanet: Corasir Captain of the Lucid Wavewalker.
Sarnak: One of five prime Archons of the Kabel of the Black Heart.
Savann: Poet
Savasystra Avonyak: Wych of Pain Eternal.
Scala: A Blood Sister and Shrine Keeper.
Sectilius Vyle: Haemonculus of the Dark Creed.
Sellisarin: Aspect Warrior
Serriestalor: Biel-Tan Farseer
Shear'ann: Spiritseer of Craftworld Iyanden. When Iyanden's forces began to fair poorly in battle with an Ork horde of the Evil Sunz Clan, Shear'ann was charged with killing the Warlord that led them.
Shegmeth Kro: Haemonculus of the Twelve now trapped in a mirror dimension.
Shiera: Howling Banshee
Skrlthen: Warlock
Sinfield: Ranger
Suilin-Kraitharath: Exarch Biel-Tan
Suivaneth: Haemonculus Female ally to the Black Heart.
Sunspear: Autarch of Iyanden. In 999.M41 he led the purges of populated worlds (many inhabited by humans) in the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan in an attempt to starve the aliens of resources.
Sylandri Veilwalker: A mysterious Harlequin Shadowseer of the Masque of the Veiled Path


Taec Silvereye: Farseer on Craftworld Iyanden. House Delgari. The Farseer oversaw Iyanden's defenses alongside Prince Yriel and Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal when the Craftworld was assaulted by Waaagh! Rekkfist. Taec Silvereye died during the Battle of Duriel, sacrificing himself to activate the Fireheart to destroy a remnant of Hive Fleet Kraken.
Taerathu: Shield controls Joyous Venture (deceased)
Taldeer: Craftworld Ulthwé Farsee
Tallithea: Howling Banshee
Talyesin Fharenal: Craftworld Saim-Hann Female Autarch
Taolis Eversong: High Farseer of Idharae
Tar-Duath: Striking Scorpion Exarch of Ulthwe
Taralath Shadowheart: Striking Scorpion Exarch Biel-Tan
Tarvaril Ciaradh: Craftworld Iyanden Spiritseer and a disciple of Iyanna Arienal. When the sound of war calls, he leads the wraith hosts of the Tower of Blue Starlight to battle.
Telathaus: Warlock armed with Witchblade. Iyanden
Telekandor: Navigator Swift River
Teluethiar: Wraithseer Iyanden.
Teradryan the Lyric: Wraithlord - Iyanden House Haladesh.
Teuthis: Farseer Iyanden.
Thelphenil: Unknown
Thielle: Dire Avenger
Korlandril's Companion and friend, ex-Dire Avenger.
Thraelle Longblade: Captain Corsair of the Mansbane.
Thyndrak: Archon of the Last Hatred.
Tiramanya: Saim-Hann Clan Fireheart - b'sainnad father
Tiriel Endarial: Iyanden Ghost Warrior former Artist
Toralven Gravesong: Wraithlord destroyed fighting Crimson Fists
Torasadha: Saim Hann jetbike
Torestor the Shadowhammer: Iyanden Wraithlord with no house.
Traevelliath Sliscus: Dark Eldar Corsair, known as "The Serpent". He has been described by Lady Malys as "amoral, despicable and impeccably dressed into the bargain"
Tulvareth: Howling Banshee
Turial: Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer
Tyleannar: Biel-Tan Farseer, who led a strike force that successfully destroyed the corrupted Craftworld, Lanimayesh
Tzibilakhu: Drukari Ynnead ex-captain of Lanathrialle


Ulthai-Das Eye of Fates Unseen: Ulthwe seer
Ulthanash: Eldanesh friend, hero of legend.
Ulthos: Farseer of Alaitoc
Ulthyr Ellarion: Corsair Lord
Ukallior: Farseer Iyanden
Unsushueth: Dire Avenger Ynnead
Uriathillin: Famous Eldar Poet.
Urien Rakarth: Infamous Haemonculus of the Prophets of Flesh
Uriethaniel Goldenhand:
Deceased Iyanden Farseer.


Vandrith: Warlock
Vanhir: Lannanaris Corsair
Vanthis: Necromancer of the Dark Creed.
Vakillar U'riss: Haemonculus and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Verkhainsza: Drukari Ynnead
Veryusess: Incubus of the Cursed Night
Vhane Kyharc: The current Archon of the Kabal of the Black Myriad.
Vhloriac: Former leader of the Obsidian Rose (deceased).
Vivithrax: Helliarch
Vlokarion: An infamous Dark Eldar Haemonculus of Commorragh, said to be second only to Urien Rakarth in accomplishments.
Volturnos: Legendary Corsair King. Many Aeldari believe him to be a Myth.
Vorhan: Iyanden Dockmaster
Vorl - Xoelanth: Overlord of the Dying Sun. Drukari.
Vraesque Malidrach: Archon, Murder Prince of the Poisoned Crown, Flayed Skull. Drukari
Vriech: Unknown Archon.
Vyllia the Talon: Bloodbride with Yvraine
Vyvax: Wych Cult of the Cursed Blade


Wei-yannil: Exodite Lord
Wintersword of the White Shore: Iyanden Wraithlord with no house
Witherchill: Was the Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, when he led the Kabal and its allies in raiding the Imperium Hive Alarum. Killed in Action.


Xelian: Dark Eldar Archon, leader of the Kabal of the Blades of Desire (Deceased)
Xellethon: Master Smith Iyanden.
Xerathis: Overlord of the Broken Sigil.
Xethretic the White: Haemonculus of the Hex.


Yaelindra: Archon of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Blackened Tear. Founder of the Lhamaea Cult.
- Rose Cult Member Dark Eldar.
Yaleanar: Gaudily armoured Eldritch Raider. Leader Rank, Lilac hair, intricate make-up, Yriel's Shadow (Bodyguard). Dead by Yriel's hand.
Ybrann: Iyanden Admiral.
Ybriss Khael: Drukhari Reaver
Ydraethir: Sculptor a rival of Korlandril.
Ydric the Wise: Wraithseer Iyanden.
Yemshon Il'foire: Ulthwe Farseer.
Yerias: A healer
Yllithian: Archon of a lesser kabal (deceased).
Yndrathias: Saim-Hann Clan Summerscale Farseer
Yrannae: Autarch of Craftworld Saim-Hann, who served as Chieftain Fell Winter's second in command
Yriel: Corsair Prince of the Eldritch Raiders. Hero of Iyanden.
Yrn-fae, the Lighting Bolt from a Summer Sky: Saim-Hann Swooping Hawk Exarch, who was part of Chieftain Fell Winter's forces.
Ythasda: Saim Hann jetbike
Yvraine: Emissary of Ynnead, Daughter of Shades. Once known as Amharoc Corsair.


Zakrodevia: Haemonculus of the Coven of Twelve made into soup.
Zuar'lias: Farseer Ulthwe

And with that, we are currently complete. Remember to post your character's names and give me a follow. Thanks for reading.

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