Miniature Monday // Kidney Hut - Dan Abnett Market Building One

Been getting some movement on my terrain finally, starting with the first small shop from my Hab-block set by Warlord Games. I knew from the start I wanted to make a Kidney Hut (as seen in IDW The Siege) which is a store based on the famous UK brand Pizza Hut. Now in the comic, the Kidney Hut is only seen in one panel and is quite dull looking so decided to liven it up and make it a bit more Pizza Hut in style.

Started the project by undercoating my built shop in a base of black and then lighten it up with a zenith of white paint. This gave me a solid base to build off that looks slightly concrete in nature.

On this base, I attempted to rust/wear the model using browns and oranges before salting the area. First time doing this and though fun I doubt I will do this again. It was a very time-consuming process and though the results were fun I doubt I will do it again. With the base now set I moved into the fun part of getting some colour on it. I wanted it to be bold and comic book styling. So I slapped on some red paint to the doors and window shutters, along with the roof guard rail and signage. For the actual roof, I decided to use a neon purple colour I had collected some time ago, though a beautiful colour it took about four layers to get the results I wanted. With these base colours now on I was able to wash a dirty brown over all the panels to knock back the colours a little.

I finished the model with a freehand Kidney Hut Sign which I like but the front signage I currently dislike but until I find a replacement it will do for now. With this all completed I was finally able to chip off the salt and unveiled the rust effect beneath, a couple of transfer tags and we were good to varnish and call it a day. This was a project fun and a lot was learnt from this experience. 

What's next though? I want to find some rat models to stick on the base with some spilled garbage, I also wanted to stick on some posters and general clutter, something to make it more lived in. Now to work out how the next shop will look, all I know for sure is it will be an Ugly Clinic and I feel I will be going for a cleaner look so I will dodge the rust effect.

As always drop me a comment and I hope to have more progress for you soon.

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