Miniature Monday // Half-Eagle Rookie Judge Chouch

Welcome back down into the slums of Sector 102, looks like the streets have a new Judge beating down doors. Half-Eagle Rookie Judge Chouch. Before becoming a full Judge of Sector 102, Judge Chouch must pass her final assessment under the watchful eyes of the Senior Judges. Until then she is normally partnered with Judge Silar and is assisting him with his assignment to clean up Dan Abnett block.

Rookie Judge Chouch

Move: 6"

Shoot: 3

Fight: 3

Evade: 1

Resist: 3

Cool: 2

Special: Respect the Law, Let's Ride!

Notoriety: 11

Equipment: Lawgiver MK2 Pistol, Day Stick, Boot Knife

This was my second version of this miniature as my first I had sadly dropped, smashing it into a million pieces. Like a lot of my figures, I didn't spend nearly enough time painting it. Primed black and dry brush grey I set about painting it. Starting with the classic uniform, due to personal preference I always go black with a dark blue highlight. I achieved this look by slapping some blue on the high contrast sections of the model, like the outer thigh. Once dry I covered it all with contrast black GW paint which gives me the look I had hoped for. The green, sections and yellow I kept dry brushing with lighter greys, before washing in green and yellow and before one final bright hit of a base colour paint. Yes, it, rough and ready but so should a Judge! Drop me a comment and hopefully, I will be able to some more painting in the near future.

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