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Miniature Monday // Dan Abnett Block - Urlock Blood Pact Ganger

Whoa look at me three whole gange members built and painted for the Blood Pact. At this rate, I might have a finished gang by 2022. This time I have another gang member going by the name of Urlock. Here are the details:

Urlock - Blood Pack Gang Punk

Urlock rose to notoriety in the back alley eating competitions of Block Dan Abnett. When it became clear he wasn't going to be able to go pro, he instead joined the rackets controlling the gambling as muscle. 

This soon led him into the open arms of the Blood Pact. With his connection to money, Urlock is one of the more well-equipped members of the gang and is normally seen sporting the newest fashionable knee pads and hardware money can buy.

Move: 6"
Shoot: 2
Fight: 2
Evade: 2
Resist: 2
Cool: 2
Notoriety: 5
Weapons: Spitgun

Hope you enjoyed this run through and hopefully I might even try out a quick game or two and try and do a little battle report.

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