Comic Review 97 // Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future - Issue 18

This is the longest streak of comic reading I have managed in a while with this series, which is great as I am ready to be over this series and moving back into the Case Files Series. But for now, we hit issue 18 of Lawman of the Future.

Got to be honest it has one of the worst covers ever. I think I am looking at an Alien attacker firing a gun at Judge Dredd, but the creature is so badly drawn it is hard to tell. The three stories in this issue are:

Cursed Earth Part Two. This story I am excited for as it was setting up to be a great monster-hunting tale. First Strike the cover image story, I am expecting aliens galore with this one. And then finally Fast Living! a mega way adventure of fast cars and crimes. Let us waste no more time and dive in.

Story: Cursed Earth (Part Two)

Starting strong with part two of Cursed Earth. I enjoyed the first part that seemed to be leading us into a monster hunt. So we are heading into this tale with high hopes. Having discovered the Gila-Munja is, in fact, an enraged Mother of a dead brood of younglings, Judge Dredd, Judge D'Angelo and Bronson (lead miner) find themselves cornered in the mine workings. Having defeated the Mother Gila, Judge Dredd turns on Bronson who knew full well they lived in the caves and broke Mega-City laws about affecting native Cursed Earth Life. Now with Bronson under arrest the Judges attempt to lead the mining crew to safety but come under attack by two more Gila-Munja.

Overall a great ending to the story, lots of "We need to learn from past mistakes", very relevant in today's environmental issues.

A few filler adverts following the story showcasing the Easter Rabbit selling Mars bars eggs! Along with reader's letters and a two double spread Judge Dredd posters!

Story: First Strike (Part One)

We are transferred from the streets of MC-1 to Justice Department Space Station Valhalla, designed to protect the space lanes between the colonies and Earth. It is a massive floating fortress hanging in the dark sky, it's current status is Code -Red. Having come under attack by an unknown shapeshifting species, the Judge Force is soon overwhelmed by its power. Before the Alien flees in a shuttle it sets the station's reactor to self destruct, destroying the station utterly. It is now loose in MC-1 and the Council of Five is tasking Judge Dredd to track it down. They fear this could be the First Strike of an unknown alien power.

Great start, the alien looks a bit goofy for my personal tastes, but it is nice to see a bit more of the Council of Five especially Judge Greer head of the SJS.

Story: Fast Living!

A great one-hit story following the life of Mopad citizens. People who can't find an official home are forced to live in Mopads aka Apartments on wheels. Constantly driving the laneways of MC-1 these people have mobile schools, malls, garages, never needing to step off the vehicles they are viewed as a little quirky by normal MC citizens. But this unusual lifestyle hasn't protected them from crime and soon the action heats up as Judge Dredd responds to an armed robbery. A bit of a classic story redone for a new, younger readership. Fun and a quick read, very enjoyable though showcasing another aspect of Mega-City living.

And with that issue 18 is put to rest. A very enjoyable issue, the stories aren't epic in any way, but they are all enjoyable solid pieces. Cursed Earth was still the standout tale I had hoped for and takes the top spot and was closely followed by Fast Living and has made me realize I need some Mopad and vehicles for the gaming board.

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