Beer Review 104 // 12 Star Session Ale by Stone City Ales

Time to move away from Evil Twin brews. I'm moving closer to home and heading back into some Ontario brews all the way from Kingston. Stone City Ales has a strong record of creating beers I enjoy and whenever a chance arises I will always try and grab a few bottles. This is one such bottle.


12 Star

Style: Session Ale

Country: Canada, Ontario, Kingston.

ABV: 4.8 %

Commercial Fluff: Easy drinking, balanced and aromatic, a pale ale with tropical fruit and citrus notes.

Own Opinion

Beautiful pouring brew with a bright yellow pour topped with a thick white cap. Unfortunately, the head didn't stay bountiful and faded to what you see in the picture. The aroma is juicy mango backed up with some floral almost spicy notes.

The first sip is juicy hops straight away bringing to mind pineapples straight away. It made my mouth water instantly and this is supported by a great malt body and a slightly spiced bitterness. This all combines to create a dry finishing brew that just leaves you wanting more. Just need COVID to do one so I can go visit Kingston once again.

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