Miniature Monday - Dan Abnett Block Market Square

Something fun, something new, something a little different. A little, quick and dirty video of me talking about the terrain pieces I started building last week (LINK). I don't really do videos, having only dabbled a few times in the past, so I thought I would give it another go. Warning I do ramble a lot and hiss my S like I'm Judge Death.

So yeah, your welcome. I need more practice at talking on videos and maybe getting my thoughts in place before I start filming or even having an actual idea of what I want to chat about. But now I've done one and posted, you should start expecting more and I will keep trying out some more video content in the future. Please don't fear I will not be moving over to youtube any time soon (hahaha). But if you wish to give me a supportive follow hit this link.

Drop me a comment and see you again soon.

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