Beer Review 99 // C is for Cherry By Evil Twin

Been struggling to drink anything new these past few days, just sticking to some tried and tested brews from works. With this being the case I am delving back into my old notes and photos and finally bringing some unblogged beers into the limelight. This week's brew is from a favourite brewery of mine Evil Twin. Let us crack on.


Name: C is for Cherry

Style: Sour - Gose

Country: USA, New York.

ABV: 4.5%

Commercial Fluff: Let's face it - we all like to put labels on things. It just makes us feel more comfortable. What assumptions have people made about you based on your race, religion, gender, the way you dress, or even the beer you drink? We did in fact label this beer for your convenience. It has a fresh tartness, a twist of salt and a balanced fruitiness of cherry - apparently a complete reflection of your personality. We hope you like what this label says about you?

Own Opinion

Always hard to read old notes and get into the headspace of myself back then. These had been purchased following a visit to family in Boston and I remember being really excited about them as I got a few letters in the set (more coming soon), but I was also reviewing them after having experienced Trillium for the first time so it was beer trip!
According to my notes, the pour is slightly off for a true cherry red colour. The bubbles led to a pinkish foam head that dissipated quite quickly. Whilst the aromas made my mouth water, lots of fruity cherry hitting the nose. On sipping, I made a comment about tartness. With the cherry coming across more in a tartness factor than in the actual fruit manner. I was definitely impressed by the cherry flavour not tasting artificial or fake and wrote: "need more". I can safely say this was a winner and I hope one day I might be able to travel once more and pick up some more Evil Twin beers. But with the border still closed due to COVID we may be waiting a while.

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