Beer Review 98 // Original Maple Truffle Ice Cream Waffle by Omnipollo

Deep diving back into my archives of beers I had forgotten to do official write-ups on. This write is based on notes taken at the time of enjoyment.


Name: Original Maple Truffle Ice Cream Waffle

Style: Imperial Porter

Brewery: Omnipollo

Country: Sweden, but brewed in the UK.

ABV: 11.5%

Commercial Fluff: Big imperial porter brewed with maple syrup, cocoa nibs, cassia cinnamon, vanilla and lactose sugar.

Collaboration with our family at Buxton Brewery - Henok

Own Opinion

As always Karl Grandin has produced a fun piece of artwork of a soft-serve Ice-cream to decorate the bottle and it is super cute. Cracking the lid and pouring brew shows us a dark brown almost black beer, with a latte head that dissipates surprisingly fast. The aroma is big and bold as expected from this brewers recipes, you get a sugary sweet maple hit, Chocolate and Vanilla, this smells like my teeth will melt from drinking this and that excites me. As it hits the tongue I am straight away getting milk chocolate and sweetness, then the vanilla starts showing its dominance along with the cinnamon, following with heat of alcohol. This is a tasty beer and one not be rushed, I really hope I one day get to experience this brew again.

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