Beer Review 102 // OFYMD by Evil Twin

You know when you start down a path and you think to yourself: "I will just visit a few of my old notes and get them out into the world" - Well that's how these last few posts started out, but now I have the urge to get them all out. So expect a few deep dives into my drinking past as I try to get all these notes out into the light.

This week's beer is OFYMD by Evil Twin, a really intriguing beer for sure. Let us get into the details.



Style: Imperial Stout

Country: USA, New York.

ABV: 12.8 %

Commercial Fluff: Evil Twin are one inventive craft brewery, and OFYMD is living proof! Brewed with fresh pineapple and coconut, this silky pina colada inspired Imperial Stout is full of black malt balanced by bittersweet Bounty bar chocolate and tropical pineapple notes.

The silky black body and smooth carbonation offer a perfect umami backdrop for the classic cocktail styling to finish on a deliciously soft toasted coconut and fruity pineapple note.

Own Opinion

An Imperial Stout with one of the higher % values I have drunk, with pineapple and coconut in it. What on earth Evil Twin, this is possibly the craziest idea I've ever encountered. The pour is black, pitch black, the head though initially, a lot, dissipates rapidly, leaving just a thin mocha head. The aroma is kind of what you would expect: Burnt Malts, vanilla, coconut and then a hint of pineapple juice. Now the fun part of the beer drinking. On the first sip, you get savoury, sweet taste which is confusing but nice. It has a fruity taste throughout the middle from the pineapple and as far as a boozy stout goes it is very smooth. I found the coconut either missing in taste or just hidden behind everything else.

I have to say I'm not sure I would commit to buying it again. Though enjoyable it was a bit of a one-hit-wonder and at 12.8% I was nursing this beer for a long while. Worth a try if you find it but don't overstock it.

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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