Beer Review 100 // E is for Elderberry by Evil Twin

Welcome loyal readers and new discoverers of the blog! You have arrived at a joyous period. I have hit my 100th post all about beer. Wow, I and my liver have come along way but there is so much more beer to experience so the adventure has only just begun.

I was thinking I should do something special, something rare, something to be like "hey look at me and this cool beer" but then I realized that is completely out of character for me, so no need to do something special as every beer is special. What I did realize is that it needed to be an Evil Twin beer. Jeppe of Evil Twin is the reason I so much fun drinking beer, it was his wild and wacky beers that opened my eyes to the true adventurous side of beer. Knowing it needed to an Evil Twin beer lead me down the oh so sensible route of following on from last weeks C is Cherry and carry on the alphabet letters I have tried to date.

So here I present beer review 100 - E for Elderberry.


E is for Elderberry

Style: Sour - Gose

Country: USA, New York.

ABV: 4.5%

Commercial Fluff: Let's face it - we all like to put labels on things. It just makes us feel more comfortable. What assumptions have people made about you based on your race, religion, gender, the way you dress, or even the beer you drink? We did in fact label this beer for your convenience. It has a fresh tartness, a twist of salt and a balanced fruitiness of elderberry - apparently a complete reflection of your personality. We hope you like what this label says about you?

Own Opinion

E is Elderberry pours an extremely similar purple to the label which just looks beautiful and exciting in the glass. The head pours thick and creamy looking with a slight purple/pink hue to it. It looks spectacular in a glass. I am a little disappointed at how quick the head dissipated, so quick I didn't get the photo (sad times). But it is not a real surprise as it is a gose and salt plays havoc with head retention. But damn it looks tasty.

Diving nose-first into the drink for a sniff I am hit with the aroma of a classic mixed berry jam. Blueberries seem to be the main focusing point for my brain as I sniff up the aroma, but having never smelt an actual Elderberry it could easily be that? There is also lingering in the background a slight saltiness but it is not as pronounced as the cherry version. With enough sniffing completed to make everyone feel awkward we get to do the fun stuff...drinking!

This brew for me as I take a mouthfeel reminds me of greek yogurt, it was sharp with a tang not what I expected. In fact, I was looking more of a tart, sour berry pie taste and this has taken me by surprise. It has a big fruity berry hit which was delicious and the brew leaves your mouth with a dry finish, making me want my next sip. I'm hook and it is a real joy to drink and it disappeared quickly from the glass and my life.

Very happy with this series as I can only assume they are all the same base beer just fruited differently? This allows you to experience the different fruits first hand and discover the flavours hidden away. Very similar to what other breweries do with a single hop series.

 Drop me comment if you have enjoyed any of the series let me know which. I hope you have enjoyed the adventure so far as I have such slights still to show you. Until the next beer cheers!

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