Book Review 88 // Kal Jericho: Sinner's Bounty by Joshua Reynolds

Been enjoying the Horus Heresy these last few weeks so I thought it was time to change up the reading pattern ahead to the grand hives of Necromunda and read a story about everyone's favourite rogue Kal Jericho.

Book Details

Title: Sinner's Bounty

Author: Joshua Reynolds

Publisher: Black Library

Type: E-Book

Page Count: 368

Commercial Fluff: Kal Jerico is back! 

Kal Jerico returns to Hive Primus, chasing his biggest bounty yet: the maniacal preacher Desolation Zoon, racing downhive in a mining hauler bristling with stolen Guilder weaponry… but with a prize like this at stake, every other Venator worth the name will be hunting down the Redemptionist. Can Kal claim Zoon’s head, or will he find a rival’s knife in his back?


First up this is my first ever Kal Jericho adventure since his amazing time in graphic novel format. Which was a long time ago... For those not in the know, Kal Jericho is a suave bounty hunter with a background going back to the original Necromunda game. In this tale, he is joined as always by Scabbs and his wife(!) Yolanda - got to be honest and say I haven't read any other books in the series so I can only assume he got married at some point. This unlikely team is hunting down the infamous Desolation Zoon, a Redemptionist zealot/priest who stupidly stole from the Guilders (the money men of Necromunda). To make things harder for Kal is that the bounty is high enough to attract pretty much every other bounty hunter on the planet! Throw into this mix a mutie invasion and an unusual Ratskin and it is a setting for high adventure throughout the whole book.

The book as a whole was one of the most enjoyable reads so far of 2020. Reynolds does an amazing job of bringing Necromunda to life with its unique backdrops and locations. I enjoyed the fact that just like the comic the story had high points of humour and has definitely made me consider seeking out the books in the series. Lots of pros to this book and I was truly sad when I finished it.

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