Beer Review 97 // Barn Owl with Apricot (No.21) by Bellwoods

Welcome to beer number 97 and as I creep closer to the 100th review I have decided to start playing around with the writing style my reviews as well as the overall feel of the blog. I feel it is all a bit blurg at the moment, with me just stating facts about the beer rather than giving a true opinion. It is also not challenging me to improve my writing and photography which was the reason for restarting a blog in the first place; with that in mind, I am going to mess around with some styling issues and hopefully find a new voice to blog through.

But back to the beer the reason we are here. I hopped on the Bellwoods order from work last week and treated myself to a few brews. I'm pretty excited to share this one as it is from a series of brews I've personally enjoyed a lot. So let's crack the cap and get drinking.


Name: Barn Owl (No.21) with Apricots

Style: Fruited Wild Ale

Price: $14.99

Brewery: Bellwoods

Country: Canada - Toronto, Ontario.

ABV: 5.9%

Commercial Fluff: As years passed and our oak aged beer became more robust, we discovered many unique, interesting, single barrels deserving of a special release. Barn Owl was created as a response to these lone wolves, and has grown into a diverse, ongoing series that reflects the growing diversity of our barrel program. The name is a nod to the wise and exacting animal that keeps watch over the farmhouse (er..industrial warehouse), and the one-off creations are released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the barrels ripe for the picking.

Own Opinion

Just look at the bottle. One thing Bellwoods always get right is their artwork, everything feels a bit Ikea, a bit Etsy and this one is no exception. Using the classic twin owls and editing the backdrop to represent the colours of apricot, simple but damn well effective. I feel like I already know what I am getting with this beer and I haven't even opened it yet. The pour is clean with no floaties and ends with a beautiful orange coloured brew with a bright white head that hangs around longer than I expected. Aromas coming off it are rather gentle, a little fruit hit from what I know is apricot but could I have picked that personally? Properly not. The taste is tart and sharp like a ripe apricot but I find the fruit character to be a little lacking and slightly sweet surprisingly. But at 5.9% and on a hot Ottawa evening this beer went down as smooth as anything and I really enjoyed that lingering mouthwatering tartness. Though maybe not the most exciting brew in the series this beer ticked a lot of boxes and left me with a smile. And to be honest what more could I want?

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