Beer Review 96 // Original Rocky Road Ice Cream by Omnipollo

I haven't been drinking as much of late. Sticking with my tried and tested favourite brews which I have reviewed already. So for this week's beer I heading into my archive and finally posting about some beers I should have posted about a lot sooner!


Name: Original Rocky Road Ice Cream

Style: Imperial Porter

Brewery: Omnipollo

Country: Sweden, but brewed in the UK.

ABV: 10%

Commercial Fluff: Imperial peanut oatmeal porter brewed with marshmallows, cocoa nibs and lactose sugar. Brewed with vanilla beans and aromas.

Collaboration with our family at Buxton Brewery.

Own Opinion

The Label: Karl Grandin artwork of a soft-serve Ice-cream is super cute and. Really enjoy his style of artwork and it makes collecting the beers so much more enjoyable.

The Pour: Dark brown with a light latte brown head. It looks a little thin in my opinion.

The Aroma: Straight away roasted malts, chocolate, a little hit of sweetness. Also a slight hint of vanilla.

The Taste: Milk chocolate and toasty notes. A bit on the sweet side possibly from the lactose. Vanilla definitely starts to shine through along with some warming alcohol notes. The flavour definitely lingers but as I get used to the sweetness I get some coffee style flavours pushing through.

Would I buy it again: Oh yes. This is my type of beer, it a bottle you crack and enjoy throughout the night. No need to rush this one just let is naturally warm up and enjoy the flavours.

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