What army next? Help me choose.

Normally on a Monday, I would attempt to show off some model I've painted but instead this week I need your help choosing a new army. I love all things Aeldari but I am burnt out on yellow and want to do a pallet cleansing paint session and also have an army to face off my Aeldari against whilst I do some solo playing. The easy part of this decision making has been completed and I have narrowed down my choice to two different forces. This is were you my readers will help me choose! I will go through both factions and write what I like about them and then in the comments, I hope you will tell me which force you would like to see out of the two and hopefully over the summer I can start the building process.

Army Choice One.

Dark Angels

I've been a fan of the Angels for a while, the shameful questing knight's story arc has an appeal and I have enjoyed all the novels I have so far read that have involved them (mainly the Gav Thorpe series). I like the idea of the Fallen and all the monk style robes and mysteries that still surround them. But how would I build them? I feel I would want to go purely down the Primaris Route so no Ravenwing and no Deathwing. I would use the Dark Angels Master Lazarus and build a solid firebase around him.

  • Not yellow
  • Enjoy the novels
  • Have links to the Iyanden
  • The Fallen
  • Only want to use Primaris, so infantry heavy list which might get a bit boring.

Red Corsairs

Now this one is a bit of a throwback to when I once played a Space Marine Army. Way back maybe eight years ago I collected and played Astral Claws the OG Red Corsairs. I really got into the Betrayal of Badab and even ran a blog that focused on other players and collector's blogs. I still have a soft spot for Huron and Garron and still, happily read the Forgeworld Manuals about the conflict. This makes me think that I would enjoy revisiting the story and recreating it for the new setting of 40k.

  • Love the characters and back story
  • More freedom to play around with kits and conversions
  • Not yellow
  • Able to revisit some old favourite books
  • Maybe do an all Terminator list to represent a space fleet boarding party?
  • I would have to convert me a Huron, a Valthex and a Garreon
  • Might get sucked back into the Malestrom again.
  • Will need a pet Hamadrya

If you have an opinion on which way to go let me know in the comments below and follow the blog to see how I get on.


  1. As an old chaos gamer I would normally say Red Corsairs but I as a lazy painter I got fed up with the fiddly colour scheme after about twelve models. Primaris would be easy as they would all be in the same DA green, if a little dull. On the other hand if you like variety you could add renegade Executioners, Mantis Warriors and Lamenters (oh no, yellow!) to your Corsairs. Honestly the only real advice I've learnt over the years is never let anyone tell you how to paint your models. Whatever you choose I wish you success with it. Cheers.

    1. Cheers. I do like the idea of possibly mixing in a few nods to other chapters in the Red Corsair force. I do remember in an old Codex Chaos the example they used for Red Corsairs was normal painted Space Marines with the chapter symbol painted over with a red cross. I feel myself being drawn to the Corsairs and they seem to spark more ideas from me so I feel this is path I have choosen.


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