Miniature Monday // Wooden Clown

Who doesn't love a Clown! When I originally came across this miniature on Reaper I knew I had to paint one. Five years later and I finally got him to a tabletop standard. I knew I wanted him to be a resident of the Dan Abnett Block but what to call him? A quick bit of research leads me to Annihilators TPB Vol 11 and a Rocket story arc involving a clown! A bit more research and I find out he is known as the Wooden Clown.

So introducing officially for the first time The Wooden Clown of Sector 102.

The Wooden Clown.

Backstory: TBA - Going to wait on his back story until more is known about the gang.
(Count as Gang Heavy)

 Move Shoot Fight Evade Resist Cool Notoriety
 6" 3 3 2 3 3 7

Weapons: Wooden Hammer (Baseball Bat)

A pretty straight forward perp. I originally thought of making him a Futsie but then decided I like the idea of a gang of clowns racing around in a clown car. Now to start searching for some cool clown models and a car! That's it for today, thanks for stopping by and if you have any leads on cool clowns drop me a comment or link below to check out.

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